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Erling Larsson


Medical knowledge that outlasts the MSF project

Dr. Erling Larsson explains the challenges of closing a project and the main outcomes of MSF's work in the region.
Shatila ist ein nur 4 Kilometer von  der Innenstadt Beirut (Lebanon) entferntes Flüchtlingslager. © Elisa Fourt/MSF
Wilma van den Boogaard


“Refugees rely primarily on humanitarian assistance”

Wilma van den Boogaard, LuxOR team member in Luxembourg, went to Lebanon for two years as a medical coordinator. Now that she has been on site for eight months, she takes stock of her experience.
Der Mann von Marie-Vincent heisst sie daheim mit einem Gebet willkommen. © MSF

Democratic Republic of the Congo

“I will start today from zero”

An Ebola survivor, Marie-Vincent, shares her story after her entire family fell ill.

Mediterranean Sea

Aquarius: "The boat is overcrowded and we are above capacity"

Aloys Vimard, project coordinator for MSF onboard Aquarius.
Paul Jawor

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Fighting Ebola on the ground: a race against time

Paul Jawor, an MSF water and sanitation expert explains the challenges MSF teams are facing on the frontline of the ongoing outbreak.


"We’re treating just as many survivors as last year"

Interview with Christophe Biteau, Head of Mission in Libya since September 2017. He shares his analysis of the current situation for the migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in the country.
Marie-Elisabeth Ingres


Gaza : "It is unbearable to watch such a massive number of people being shot"

Interview with Marie-Elisabeth Ingres, MSF Head of Mission in Palestine.


“The bone has literally been turned into dust.”

Thierry Saucier is an orthopedic surgeon for MSF in Gaza. He explains the complexity of caring for the hundreds of people injured during protests in recent weeks.
Peter Firmenich


"MSF is what we make of it"

Peter Firmenich travelled to Conakry and Kindia, in Guinea, as a Board member for MSF Luxembourg. He shares his experience.


Zero point: Displaced from East Ghouta and in need of treatment

Close to 60,000 people have been displaced from East Ghouta to northwest Syria in the space of just a month and most of them need medical care. Refaat Al Obed, the facility’s Medical Director, describes the situation.