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Jonathan Whittall


Mosul: "The patients we receive are the 'lucky ones'"

Jonathan Whittall has been working in MSF’s newly opened field trauma hospital in a village south of Mosul, Iraq. He relates.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Running against time in Democratic Republic of Congo

Fabio Biolchini has just returned from a year with MSF’s emergency team, responding to epidemics and other crises across the breadth of this vast country.
Dr. Jean François Saint-Sauveur


“There are dramatic gaps in health care”

Borno state, located in northeastern Nigeria, is the main scene of the conflict that caused the displacement of more than 2.6 million people.
Eleni Kotsoni


"People need to be allowed to exist"

Like most Athenians, when Eleni Kotsoni walked past Elliniko refugee camp, she knew little about the people living inside. Four months into managing MSF’s mental health activities in Greece, she knows more than most about the plight of the refugees trapped on the edge of Europe.
Alan Gonzalez

Pneumonia: "It's infuriating to see so many sick children. The vaccine exists."

Dr Alan Gonzalez is from Mexico and joined MSF in 2009. Doctors seem to have a difficult time recalling specific patients with pneumonia.
Fernand Marxen

Democratic Republic of the Congo

"We need to be able to deal with any type of situation"

Interview with Dr. Fernand Marxen, surgeon in Bili, Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Rann: “Most of the dead and injured were women and children”

At least 90 people were killed and 120 wounded on 17 January in an airstrike carried out by the Nigerian military on a camp for displaced people in Rann, in the east of Nigeria’s Borno state.
Alfred Davies


“I can’t find the words to describe what I saw in Rann”

Alfred Davies is an MSF Field Coordinator in Nigeria. He was in Rann when the aerial attack occurred, and in the hours that followed. Here is what he witnessed.


“Tell people what is happening here”

Valentina Viktorovna is a 52-year-old teacher who has seen her life torn apart by the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine. She explains.


“Pavlopil used to be a nice place to live”

Taisiya Gregorivna, an 82-year-old widow, has lived in Pavlopil in eastern Ukraine for the last forty-six years. She explains.