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Opinions and debates

Mercedes Tatay


Pledging conference – money alone is not enough

MSF’s International Medical Secretary, Mercedes Tatay, responds to the Yemen pledging conference in Geneva.

No cash, no care: the alarming step backwards on patient user fees

Blog by Dr Mit Philips, Health Policy Advisor, Analysis Department for Médecins Sans Frontières in Brussels.


"Rohingyas are in survival mode"

"It’s hard to comprehend the magnitude of the crisis until you see it with your own eyes."


European governments are feeding Libya’s business of suffering

An open letter from MSF International President Dr Joanne Liu to European government leaders.

Suspension of U.S. Refugee Resettlement Endangers People Fleeing War Zones

President Donald J. Trump’s executive order suspending refugee resettlement to the United States is an inhumane act against people fleeing war zones. We calling for a resumption of refugee resettlement.
Christopher Stokes


One year after Kunduz: Battlefields without doctors, in wars without limits

Today, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is remembering one of the darkest moments in its history. On 3 October 2015, U.S. airstrikes killed 42 people and destroyed the MSF trauma hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.
Dr. Joanne Liu

MSF International President to UN Security Council

"Attacking hospitals and medical workers is a non-negotiable red line."
Dr. Joanne Liu

Mediterranean Sea

"Europe, don't turn your back on Asylum"

Dr. Joanne Liu

MSF President to UN Security Council: "Stop these attacks"

Delivered 3 May 2016, in New York.
Aurélie Ponthieu

Why the EU’s deal with Turkey is no solution to the “crisis” affecting Europe

Interview with Aurélie Ponthieu, MSF Humanitarian Adviser on Displacement, Brussels.