Maryam Abubakar, assise avec l'un de ses jumeaux dans la tente de débordement de l'hôpital MSF de Nilefa Keji à Maiduguri, au Nigéria. Ses deux jumeaux ont été diagnostiqués comme souffrant de malnutrition aiguë sévère (MAS). Juin, 2024 © Georg Gassauer/MSF


In Nigeria, MSF support people who have been displaced or affected by violence. We are also responding to multiple health challenges, such as severe malnutrition and recurring epidemics.

People’s lives in Nigeria have been disrupted by violence and crime, while regular disease outbreaks continue to endanger the lives of thousands of children.  

MSF has been responding to disease outbreaks and emergency health needs in Nigeria for many years, focusing on maternal and paediatric healthcare throughout the country. Since mid-2021, we have scaled up our nutritional activities in the Northwest, as a growing yet largely ignored malnutrition crisis is pushing people to the limits.  

MSF in Nigeria in 2022 @MSF
Un médecin MSF examine un enfant souffrant de malnutrition sévère, Maiduguri, dans l'État de Borno, au Nigeria. ©Nasir Ghafoor/MSF
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Médecins Sans Frontières is audited every year by an independent, authorised body. More than 85% of our money goes straight to the field where the needs are. We are committed to being completely transparent in order to retain the trust you place in us every day. Thanks to your generosity, we can decide independently what action we need to take for the most vulnerable people, and respond efficiently to their needs. For more details, please see our commitments on financial transparency.

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