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Between humanitarian crises and medical emergencies: all the latest news

MSF mène des activités médicales à Mocímboa pour la première fois en deux ans. Avril 2022. © MSF


MSF will adapt critical healthcare in Mocímboa da Praia as people return home

Luis Montiel is emergency coordinator with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) working in Cabo Delgado, a northern province in Mozambique affected by ongoing conflict since 2017. In early April, Montiel led an MSF team which briefly visited Mocímboa da Praia to run some medical activities for the first time since the violence abruptly hit this coastal town two years ago.
February 2019: An MSF staff member stands outside the abandoned house where MSF operates a mobile clinic in the village of Vodiane. Ukraine. © Nico Dauterive/ MSF


MSF team witnesses hospital bombing in Mykolaiv

On 4 April, a four-person MSF team visited Mykolaiv to meet with city and regional health authorities. At around 3.30 pm local time, as the MSF team entered the city’s oncology hospital, which has been treating the wounded since the beginning of the war, the area around the hospital came under fire.
À Nyachikaza (district de Nsanje), MSF a apporté un soutien d'urgence pour répondre à l'épidémie de choléra qui a suivi la tempête tropicale Ana. Mars 2022.


MSF resposnds to Tropical Storm Ana

Near the end of January 2022, tropical storm Ana caused severe flooding in Malawi. Home to around 16,000 people, this had a serious impact on patients’ access to care, in Makhanga peninsula. MSF worked closely with the Malawian Ministry of Health to respond to the emergency and provide medical help to people affected.
Dr Jules (right) and Dr Stephen hold an X-ray of a patient against the light at Mamfe District Hospital in southwest Cameroon. June, 2021 © Scott Hamilton/ MSF


MSF suspends its medical activities in South-West Cameroon

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is officially announcing today the suspension of its humanitarian activities in South-West Cameroon, three months after the detention of four staff members related to MSF's medical work, to exclusively work on securing the safe release of its colleagues.
Arrival of the medical train in Lviv. 1 April 2022. Ukraine © MSF

“You have a medical train? I have patients for you”

On Friday 01 April, MSF finalised its first medical train transfer of patients from a hospital in Zaporizhzhia, in the southeast of Ukraine, to major referral hospitals in Lviv. Most of the patients, accompanied by a team of nine MSF medical staff, had been severely injured in Mariupol or while trying to flee the city. Dr Joanne Liu, MSF paediatrician, reports on this unique medical operation in Ukraine:
A woman walks past a building damaged by a bombing in Mariupol, Ukraine, Sunday, March 13, 2022. Evgeniy Maloletka/AP Photo


Life under bombing in Mariupol: How long will this disaster continue?

Sasha, a long-time staff member of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) from Mariupol, Ukraine, describes life in the city as it was encircled and bombarded by Russian forces. For security reasons, he is using only his first name.
Photo collage with portraits of MSF women leaders who testified on International Women's Day 2022

[Replay Webinar] International Women's Day 2022 : Women in the lead

Watch the replay
A room at Lita's general hospital, that was attacked and looted by armed men, Djugu Territory, Ituri Province, 12 November 2019. ©ALEXIS HUGUET/MSF

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo: Insecurity and impunity force MSF to halt lifesavi

Four months after a convoy of vehicles belonging to international medical organisation Médecins Sans Frontières came under fire by unidentified armed men in Ituri province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), MSF has announced that it will close its projects in Nizi and Bambu due to a lack of security guarantees from all parties to the conflict.
 Farewells at Kyiv station. Ukraine, 8 March 2022 © Jean-Pierre Amigo


From Ukraine: displaced twice and on the road again

As dawn broke on February 24 in Kyiv, I woke to the sound of explosions and the wails of air raid sirens...
UKRAINE. Pisky. 22 February 2022. A school destroyed during the fighting. © Lorenzo Meloni/Magnum Photos


Humanitarian emergency in Ukraine: A race against time

Lviv/ Brussels - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) fears that there is an urgent race against time to get the right medical supplies to the right places before aid can no longer reach militarily encircled towns and cities.