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Emma Pedley


«Keep walking»

Testimony of Emma Pedley, Nepal.
Michael Roesch


Most victims are hit when they’re walking down the street or waiting for the bus

Last week, 60 injured people were brought in on one day. But for three days there was no running water in the hospital, and so they had to cancel all but the most urgent operations.
© Manu Brabo


People feel abandoned

Emilie Rouvroy is Médecins Sans Frontières’ coordinator in Luhansk, eastern Ukraine.
Oliver Schulz


Health Care Underprioritized in Haiti Reconstruction

Five years have passed since a devastating earthquake shook Haiti, affecting approximately 3 million people and killing 220,000, according to government estimates. What is the situation in Haiti now after five years of reconstruction efforts, and what health care services does MSF still provide in the country? MSF’s Haiti Country Director Oliver Schulz discusses.
Conseil des Nations Unies, Ebola
Jackson Niamah


Ebola: MSF Presentation to UN Security Council

Speaking from Monrovia via live video link, Liberian MSF physician's assistant Jackson Niamah addresses the UN Security Council during an emergency session on the Ebola crisis in West Africa.
Tessy Fautsch

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Innovative vaccination strategies to respond to measles epidemic

Tessy Fautsch, a nurse, went with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to Wamba in the north of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to take part in a measles vaccination campaign that is part of a new project aiming to respond to the epidemic that has been devastating the country since 2010.
Acte chirurgicale dans un hôpital gonflable MSF en Syrie.
Myriam Welliong, infirmière luxembourgeoise
Myriam Welliong


Saving lives under Syrian bombing

Luxembourg nurse Myriam Welliong has recently returned from a mission in Syria and testifies.