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Between humanitarian crises and medical emergencies: all the latest news

Syrie. Idlib. Camp. Personnes déplacées. Guerre. Conflit.


Idlib: “There was heavy bombing going on and we couldn’t take everything”

Dr Mustafa Ajaj, speaking from Deir Hassan camp, northwestern Syria, on 25 February 2020.


Idlib: MSF to scale up its response as tensions reach a new peak

With thousands of people displaced by the military offensive on northwestern Syria’s Idlib province, MSF is planning step up medical assistance and aid distributions in response to their escalating needs.

Mediterranean Sea

Ocean Viking arbitrarily quarantined by Italian authorities over COVID-19 fears

As Italy was hit by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak late last week, the Ocean Viking, the search and rescue ship operated by MSF and SOS Méditerranée, was put under quarantine following the disembarkation of 276 people rescued at sea in the prior days.


Idlib today – a “humanity crisis”

Personal reflections from Cristian Reynders, MSF Project Coordinator for northwestern Syria.


Horrific day of indiscriminate attacks on civilians in Idlib

Indiscriminate attacks continue in civilian areas in northwestern Syria's Idlib province. Three hospitals near the frontlines that are supported by MSF received 185 wounded, and 18 patients dead-on-arrival.
Zimbabwe, santé environnementale, MSF


Water, waste, and vaccination: Fighting cholera and typhoid in Harare

In Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, recurring outbreaks of cholera and typhoid fever are a pressing health concern. In many of the city’s suburbs, public water supply is unreliable, and leaking sewage pipes, pit latrines, and poor waste management contaminate the groundwater.

Burkina Faso

MSF scales up assistance to people affected by increasing levels of violence

Burkina Faso has faced increased levels of violence in 2019, leading to an exponential growth of population displacement throughout the year. MSF launched several emergency projects to address the most urgent needs on the ground.
Syrie, personnes déplacées, Idlib


People in Idlib race to flee airstrikes as safe area shrinks

In northwest Syria, airstrikes combined with a ground offensive conducted by Syrian government forces and their Russian allies have triggered a huge wave of displacement.
Syrie, Idlib, personnes déplacées, Conflit, Guerre


‘Tired of fleeing’: seeking refuge from Idlib violence

A Syrian doctor’s testimony from a flashpoint town in the province.
RDC, personnes déplacées, MSF, Ituri, témoignage
Enzo Cicchirillo

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Providing assistance to the most vulnerable populations in Ituri Province

Enzo Cicchirillo, back from a 4-month mission as Field Coordinator in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), tells us about his experience.