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Between humanitarian crises and medical emergencies: all the latest news

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US migration policy endangers lives of asylum seekers

Asylum seekers are sent to places where they face violence and persecution, because of the US and Mexican harmful migration policies.
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Dr. Mohammad Al Youssef


Beyond trauma injuries

Mohammad Al Youssef is a Syrian doctor. For the past five years, he has been working with MSF, to provide life-saving treatment for people who have received a kidney transplant.
Ocean Viking, MSF, Mer Méditerrannée, Lampedusa, SOS Méditerrannée

Mediterranean Sea

Ocean Viking survivors to disembark in Lampedusa

The Italian authorities’ offer of a place of safety within six days of the first rescue at sea is a clear demonstration of humanitarian values, and represents a positive step towards a more humane response to the suffering that continues on the Central Mediterranean.


Mosul's expectant mothers just can't wait

Since 2017, MSF has been providing maternal and newborn health services in Mosul running a comprehensive maternity with surgical capacity for C-sections, postnatal care, and paediatric healthcare with neonatology.
Mineurs non accompagnés, MSF, France


The situation of unaccompanied minors arriving in France

Unaccompanied minors are vulnerable adolescents in great distress: while they need help, a complex system discourages them from seeking the help to which they are entitled.
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EU-Turkey deal : chronic cycle of containment and despair

What was once touted as a "refugee emergency" has given way to a chronic cycle of containment and despair and to inexcusable levels of human suffering across the Greek islands and on mainland Greece.
Camps de réfugiés, Bangladesh, Rohingyas, MSF


Rohingya refugees are haunted by the past and fear for the future

Two years after fleeing Myanmar, Rohingya in the refugee camp struggle to imagine a future. MSF continues to provide medical care, including mental health counselling.
Yémen Dahadh MSF


Last stop, Khamer: displaced people in exile in northwestern Yemen

Photo report in Dahadh camp, where nearly 3,500 people are living in precarious conditions, with limited access to medical care and water.
Gaza "marche du retour" MSF Jabalia


Treating resistant infections in Gaza under the blockade

MSF is dealing with immense challenges while treating many people who have developed bone infections after having been shot by the Israeli army during protests in Gaza, Palestine over the last year.
Aden Yémen MSF


Chaos and fighting in Aden

Heavy fighting in Aden, Yemen occurred on 28 August and MSF teams admitted 51 wounded people to our hospital; a further 10 people were dead on arrival.