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Press releases

Après un appel de détresse de Alarm Phone, 99 survivants ont été secourus par le Geo Barents à environ 30 miles des côtes libyennes. Au fond du bateau en bois surpeuplé, 10 personnes sont retrouvées mortes

Mediterranean Sea

10 more lives lost on the world’s deadliest migration route

MSF search-and-rescue teams found 10 people dead on November 16 on a wooden boat in the Central Mediterranean after 186 others were rescued within 24 hours.
L'ajout rapide de personnel inexpérimenté dans une situation d'urgence peut entraîner des difficultés, dont MSF a été le témoin direct dans l'hôpital de campagne de l'hôpital tertiaire de Ngwelezana, en Afrique du Sud

Moderna earns over €10 billion from COVID-19 vaccine, but don't share its recipe

MSF demande au président américain Biden d'utiliser toute la force du gouvernement pour contraindre Moderna Pharmaceuticals à collaborer avec le centre de transfert de technologie des vaccins à ARNm de l'OMS en Afrique du Sud. Elle doit partager son expertise et contribuer aux efforts mondiaux de vaccination.
Chaque matin, les résidents du camp se précipitent pour remplir leurs seaux d'eau. L'accès à l'eau est un problème majeur pour les personnes déplacées. Ngala, Nigeria, 2016

COP26: MSF warns of humanitarian impacts of climate change

MSF, official observer in the upcoming COP26, alerts on the consequences and magnified impacts that rapid environmental change has on extremely vulnerable people in multiple countries where MSF works.

MSF report highlights the consequences of counter-terrorism on frontline staff

MSF releases this week the report “Adding salt to the wound”, painting a bleak picture of the reality of trying to provide impartial medical care twenty years after the start of the so called ‘global War on Terror’ in the wake of 9/11. The findings of the research, which was supported by the Luxembourg Operational Research Unit (LuxOR), offer a unique insight into the reality of working in counter-terrorism environments in Afghanistan, Iraq and Nigeria.
Abdul Harma, head nurse at the hospital specialising in COVID-19 in Hassakeh, in northeast Syria, treats Mr. Ali with breathing exercises


Northern Syria: Health system overwhelmed in most severe COVID-19 outbreak yet

Northern Syria is experiencing its most severe recorded wave of COVID-19 yet, with needs fast outpacing limited oxygen supplies and health facilities running out of testing kits. In the northwest the health system is already unable to cope, while in the northeast the virus is spreading at a worrying pace,MSF said today.

MSF advocates for global access to vaccines to Minister Fayot

On 7 October, Luxembourg's Minister of Economy, Cooperation and Humanitarian Action, Franz Fayot, had a very constructive exchange with the International President of MSF, Dr Christos Christou. The unequal access to COVID-19 and other vaccines, the situation in the Sahel, Afghanistan, climate change and the importance of upholding humanitarian principles were among the issues discussed.

MSF meeting with Jean Asselborn on migration

The Luxembourg Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean Asselborn, met with MSF on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The meeting, which was evaluated positively and constructively, further stimulated the cooperation with the Luxembourg state, which remains attentive to MSF's position on issues such as the situation in Afghanistan, Libya, the Mediterranean and the hotspots on the Greek islands.
Mother of six-year-old MDR TB girl child administering manipulated form of DRTB drugs


“Pharmaceutical corporations must open up to generic supply and lower prices”

MSF welcomes the new WHO guidance that expand use of new drugs to the youngest and most vulnerable children of all ages with drug-resistant tuberculosis, although procurement and access to the new pediatric formulations of second line drugs, including Bedaquiline and Delamanid, is urgently needed.
Un garçon est soigné à l'extérieur de l'hôpital général des Cayes


MSF steps up in responding to urgent medical needs

In response to the 7.2 earthquake struck the southern region of Haiti on August 14th causing heavy rainfall, up to 25 centimetres and flooding on August 17th, MSF Luxembourg has opened an emergency fund.
Wais Mohammad, anesthésiste MSF, effectue un contrôle sur Esa avant une intervention chirurgicale à Lashkar Gah


MSF's medical activity continues with a sharp increase in the number of patients

Since the end of the fighting in Afghanistan, MSF's activities are continuing in all its five project locations: Herat, Kandahar, Khost, Kunduz and Lashkar Gah.