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Since 2009, MSF Luxembourg has been putting its expertise at the service of our operations in the field thanks to the skills of the operational research unit in Luxembourg, known as LuxOR (Luxembourg Operational Research).

The science of best practice

What are the biggest gaps in access to quality medical care? Do health programs meet patients' needs? Does MSF's aid reach people living in remote areas with limited resources? 

Operational Research (OR) helps MSF to reflect in depth on its programs and operations, to evaluate what works well in a project and to show what needs to be improved. Based in Luxembourg, Brussels and various MSF regional offices, the LuxOR Operational Research Unit conducts research projects in support of humanitarian and medical action worldwide.

LuxOR has progressively expanded its support for epidemiological activities in the field to strengthen MSF's use of evidence in operational decision-making. LuxOR assists project teams in collecting, analyzing and interpreting health data, with the aim of understanding the causes of disease, how it spreads and how to limit it.

LuxOR shares its findings with the international MSF movement and its partner organizations, and contributes to advocacy for changes in healthcare policies and practices. The results and recommendations, based on reliable information, enable us to provide appropriate advice to local, national and international players. LuxOR's RO studies are published in renowned scientific journals and are freely accessible to researchers and the international humanitarian community

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