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Commitment and transparency

99% of our resources come from private donations. Your support and commitment enable us to work completely independently and to intervene wherever we are needed, without discrimination.

We attach great importance to the source of our funding.

In June 2016, MSF took the decision not to accept funding from the European Union and its member states in view of their detrimental dissuasive policies towards refugees and migrants, and the growing number of attempts made to turn these people and their suffering away, far from European coasts. This decision was implemented with immediate effect and applies to all our projects worldwide.

Today, in fulfilling our mission, we take care to act totally independently of any political, economic, military, or religious authorities.  Over 99% of our financing comes from private funds, enabling us to make our own decisions when offering aid.

In addition, we are careful to adhere to our ethical charter by not accepting donations from industries with links to the following fields: tobacco, armaments, alcohol, betting, pharmaceuticals, adult entertainment, and raw material extraction.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Engagement et transparence

Expenditure control

MSF is one of the largest and best known of the international humanitarian agencies. For this reason, our financial management is extremely rigorous.

Both the national accounts and the consolidated international accounts are audited and certified by company auditors.

In addition to these certifications, there are dozens of further checks carried out by institutional donors (national and international governments).

Financial independence control

MSF wishes to maintain its financial and operational independence. MSF controls the balance of its expenditure keeping a ratio between the costs of its social mission (operating costs: missions and mission support, its reporting and public awareness campaign costs, and the administrative costs, including communication and fund raising.

MSF requires that a minimum of 80% of its expenditure be devoted to social mission operating costs, with 20% covering the remaining campaigning and administrative costs.

Engagement et transparence 2

MSF and you: a trusted partnership

The accounts and the balance sheet are audited annually by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), approved by the General Assembly of Médecins Sans Frontières, and held by the Register of Commerce and Companies.

Annual accounts audited 2022

Your data security

No data relating to your identity is collected without your explicit consent. 

The use of any collected data conforms to the personal data protection legislation (cf the national Commission for data protection and the general Ruling on data protection) which gives you the right to access, modify, correct, or erase your personal data.

Our confidentiality policy

100% secure payment

This website is 100% secure. When making your payment, the bank details required are completely secured.

They are not stored in our computing system. Thanks to SSL encryption of your bank details, your internet transactions are guaranteed to be secure.

PTo be sure of this: the web page is secure when the Médecins Sans Frontières URL begins with https.