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Press releases


“All I have in this world are the clothes on my back”

For the almost two million people forced to leave their homes in northeastern Nigeria over the past nine years, the emergency in the region is far from over, and people continue to be displaced by the violence on a daily basis.

Mediterranean Sea

Aquarius Forced to terminate Operations as Europe condemns people to drown

As refugees, migrants and asylum seekers continue to die in the Mediterranean Sea, MSF and its partner SOS Méditerranée have been forced to terminate operations by the search and rescue vessel Aquarius.


Gaza injuries pose risk of leaving lives permanently shattered

The huge numbers of patients with complex and serious gunshot wounds are overwhelming the healthcare system in Gaza, leaving thousands in danger of infection and disability.

Mediterranean Sea

Sinister attacks by Italian authorities on lifesaving search and rescue

MSF strongly condemns the decision by Italian judicial authorities to request the seizure of the Aquarius for alleged anomalies in its disposal of on-board waste.


Hospital rehabilitation in Sinjar disctrict

MSF has launched activities in Sinuni General Hospital, in Sinjar district, Iraq, in collaboration with the Iraqi Directorate of Health, to help cover the urgent need for secondary healthcare services for people returning to the region.


MSF faces an influx of war wounded

As conflict intensifies on several frontlines across Yemen, an influx of people with war-related injuries are treated at facilities run by international medical organisation MSF in Hodeidah, Hajjah, Aden, Saada and Taiz governorates.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Numerous acts of sexual violence committed by armed men in Kasai

Between May 2017 and September 2018, MSF teams treated 2,600 victims of sexual violence in the town of Kananga in Kasai Central province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Eighty per cent reported having been raped by armed men.


Refugees' lives in danger with MSF forced to end mental healthcare activities

At least 78 MSF patients have considered or attempted suicide or self-harm.

Mediterranean Sea

Italian government pressures Panama to stop Aquarius rescues

SOS MEDITERRANEE and MSF demand that European governments allow the Aquarius to continue its rescue mission.


Evacuation of refugees and migrants out of Libya is urgently needed

Thousands of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers arbitrarily held in Libyan detention centres must be immediately released and evacuated to safety out of the country urges MSF today as a fragile ceasefire in Tripoli continued for a third day.