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Covid-19. Vaccins. Coronavirus. Campagne d'accès. Covax.

South Africa

Southern Africa needs the right COVID vaccines, at the right price – right now

MSF urges wealthy countries and pharma companies to immediately equitably distribute the right vaccines, at the right price, to low- and middle-income countries.
Covid-19. Vaccins. Coronavirus. Campagne d'accès.

MSF urges wealthy countries not to block COVID-19 patent waiver

Ahead of the next round of talks at the World Trade Organization (WTO) to discuss a proposal by South Africa and India to waive monopolies on COVID-19 medical tools during the pandemic, MSF called on the wealthy countries opposing the proposal not to block it and ruin its lifesaving potential for billions of people in the rest of the world.
Yémen. Conflit. Violences.
Marc Schakal, MSF’s programme manager for Yemen
Marc Schakal


“These sanctions have to make clear that they do not apply to humanitarian aid”

As the United States prepares to designate Ansar Allah a 'foreign terrorist organisation' in Yemen, there are concerns about the impact on providing assistance in the country.

MSF's wish list for 2021

Over the past extraordinary year, we were all touched by one of the greatest global health emergencies in decades.
Myanmar. Rohingyas.

Bangladesh, Myanmar

Case studies and dilemmas around public speaking on the Rohingya people

MSF releases a new Speaking Out Case Study: “MSF and the Rohingya, 1992-2014”.
Covid-19. Afrique du Sud.

Governments must support landmark proposal to waive COVID-19 patents

Ahead of World Trade Organization talks to consider a landmark request to waive certain intellectual property during the COVID-19 pandemic – put forward by India and South Africa in October – MSF calls on all governments to support this game-changing step.

5 reasons to refuse patents and monopolies on Covid-19 vaccines

5 reasons a new proposal by India and South Africa could be a gamechanger in the COVID-19 response.
Coronavirus. Covid-19. Vaccins.

Governments must demand pharma make all COVID-19 vaccine deals public

With billions of dollars of tax payer money being poured into the development coronavirus vaccines, the deals from pharmaceutical companies are being kept largely secret, raising concerns.
Migration. Camps. Grèce.
Dr Christos Christou


Enough is enough: new pact, same misery for refugees

This op-ed was first published in Geneva Solutions on 3 October 2020.
Migration. Camps. Moria. Grèce.
Aurélie Ponthieu


If the only way to break free is to burn down your house, something is wrong

By Aurélie Ponthieu, humanitarian specialist for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF).