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VAuction for the benefit of MSF Luxembourg. 24 April, 2022 © Thibault Peras

Art and humanitarianism meet in the first charity auction for the benefit of MSF Luxembourg

Auction for the benefit of MSF Luxembourg. 24 April, 2022 © Thibault Peras
In Luxembourg 
On 24 April, 2022, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Luxembourg organised its first art auction to benefit its emergency medical action. The event took place in the premises of Bank Degroof Petercam Luxembourg with 41 artworks by 19 Luxembourg artists in the presence of MSF's international President, Dr Christos Christou.

    Acknowledging the generosity of Luxembourgers in the face of the Ukrainian conflict, Dr Christou recalled "the importance of continuing to support not only this cause, but also the organisation's work in other conflicts, notably in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and even Iraq".

    A few months ago, Médecins Sans Frontières reached the milestone of 50 years of existence for the benefit of the most vulnerable throughout the world. To celebrate this half-century of humanitarian and medical action, Médecins Sans Frontières wished to surround itself with Luxembourg artists who did it the honour and friendship of offering works - sometimes unpublished - for the benefit of its action.By combining art and solidarity, this auction made it possible to offer new funds to finance the projects that its teams carry out in more than 70 countries, while acquiring a piece of art.

    MSF Luxembourg is experimenting with new ways to bring donors and supporters closer to our mission. And this auction, by placing art at the heart of that relationship, is a very interesting, very innovative and very promising way to further engage with our supporters," said Dr Christou, MSF International President.

    I think it is a very nice event and the works on display were really phenomenal. They were made by well-known and recognised artists in Luxembourg, and the event organised by MSF Luxembourg allows you to see and acquire their works in one place", stated Michel Reckinger, President of the Union des Entreprises Luxembourgeoises and participant in the auction.

    Necessary support for the most vulnerable in Ukraine and around the world

    During his visit, Dr Christou expressed his gratitude to Luxembourgers for their generosity, solidarity and support for vulnerable people, especially refugees from Ukraine.

    However, he also reminded the audience that "we stand in solidarity with our staff in Ukraine, with those who are currently forced to try to protect themselves and their families in basement shelters and bunkers.

    We stand in solidarity with all those affected by this conflict, just as we always try to stand with the people, our patients and their communities in all the places where we provide medical and humanitarian care."

    As the conflict in Ukraine, as well as in many other countries, evolves, it is only through your donations that MSF can act to help people affected by war. In 2021, 99% of MSF Luxembourg's resources came from private donors.

    Lots still available for purchase

    Lots are still available for purchase from LuxAuction

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