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Between humanitarian crises and medical emergencies: all the latest news

MSF update on COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

More than 170 countries have now reported cases, and on 11 March, the WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic.

[IN FOCUS] Safeguarding access to healthcare during COVID-19

MSF is very concerned how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect people in countries with already fragile health systems.
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MSF provides relief items and adapts response for COVID-19 in Idlib

Deir Hassan camp in Idlib province, northwestern Syria, hosts more than 164,000 people in settlements scattered over the hills and, as is the case across northwest Syria, it lacks basic services. It is now also threatened by the potential spread of COVID-19.
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Ivory Coast

Preparation is key to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic in Côte d'Ivoire

MSF has been working to respond to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic recently declared in Côte d'Ivoire.
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“Medical staff working beyond limits, in the first Covid-19 epicentre in Italy”

In Italy, we are supporting three hospitals at the first epicentre of the outbreak in the North – with teams working on infection control, remote patient care and outreach – and facilities for the elderly in central Italy. Dr Chiara Lepora is the project coordinator in Lodi, northern Italy.

MSF steps up COVID-19 response with activities in Spain

MSF is stepping up our response to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic by starting medical, logistical and strategic support activities in Spain. We will be leveraging our experience and expertise in managing epidemics in fragile contexts, in working in the country.


MSF “deeply surprised” that Iranian authorities put a stop to our COVID response

MSF expresses incomprehension following yesterday’s declarations by officials of the Iranian Ministry of Health stating that the approval for our intervention to manage severe COVID-19 cases in Isfahan, central Iran, has been rescinded. Ministry of Health officials said that the country does not need additional treatment capacity for the management of severe cases.
Jonathan Whittall

Vulnerable communities are bracing for impact of COVID-19

How are you supposed to wash your hands regularly if you have no running water or soap? How can you implement ‘social distancing’ if you live in a slum or a refugee camp? How are you supposed to stop crossing borders if you are fleeing from war?

COVID-19: Avoiding a ‘second tragedy’ for those with TB

As the world grapples with the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, MSF is concerned for vulnerable groups, especially people with tuberculosis (TB). Safeguarding TB diagnosis and treatment is essential.
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MSF provides support with response in second worst affected province

MSF has sent a 50-bed inflatable treatment unit and an emergency team of nine people to Isfahan, the second worst affected province in Iran, to increase hospital capacity for treating the critically ill.