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Between humanitarian crises and medical emergencies: all the latest news

MSF Zyklon Idai Simbabwe


Mapping the needs: help emergency teams to mount an effective response

Just after Cyclone Idai made landfall in southern Africa, MSF sent four experts in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to the region and mobilised thousands of volunteers around the world to produce high-quality maps of the worst-hit areas.
A nurse caring for a newborn baby in the newborn unit of Timergara District Headquarter Hospital, Pakistan. © Nasir Ghafoor/MSF


Tackling the misuse of labour-inducing drugs in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the misuse of labour-inducing drugs poses serious health risks to mothers and newborns. Driven by alarming evidence from an operational research study, MSF piloted a dedicated training for health workers to counter this dangerous misuse.
Cyclone Idai. Mozambique. Mobile clinics.

Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe

Humanitarian response in wake of devastating Cyclone Idai

In the wake of damage and devastating flooding caused when Cyclone Idai hit Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe late last week, our teams are responding in the affected areas.
MSF Cyclone Idai Mozambique


From emergency to recovery: one month after Cyclone Idai

It has now been a month since Cyclone Idai swept through Mozambique and life is slowly returning to normal in Beira. But there are still many needs.


Trapped refugees must be released and granted safety from Tripoli fighting

MSF is extremely concerned for civilians caught in the ongoing fighting in Tripoli, Libya, including refugees and migrants currently trapped in detention centres in or near the affected areas.
MSF Griecheland Impfstoff


Humanitarian mechanism for vaccines used for first time in Europe

MSF uses programme to access affordable versions of pneumonia vaccine to protect refugee children in Greece.
MSF Irak Mossoul


A year of post-operative care in Mosul

In a ward at MSF post-operative care facility in Mosul, Ahed is sleeping deeply. The young girl just underwent her 27th surgery in less than two years.
MSF Ebola Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo

A change of strategy is needed to gain control over the Ebola epidemic

As the outbreak in eastern DRC enters its ninth month, the number of new cases has soared. One of the main reasons for the struggles of the response may be its failure to adapt to the population’s needs.
Mozambique. Cyclone Idai. Choléra.


MSF respond to the cholera outbreak in Nhamatanda district

MSF teams have set up a cholera treatment unit in Tica and are providing logistical support for the cholera vaccination campaign led by the Ministry of Health.
MSF République centrafricaine

Central African Republic

Central African Republic: MSF denouces the killing of one of its colleagues

MSF strongly condemns the killing last Thursday of their colleague Gaulbert Mokafe, assistant nurse at the Batangafo hospital, at the hands of an armed group.