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Between humanitarian crises and medical emergencies: all the latest news

Grèce, réfugiés, camp de Moria, enfants malades


Greece denies healthcare to severely sick refugee children in Lesvos

In Moria camp, on the island of Lesvos, the Greek government is deliberately depriving at least 140 children with chronic, complex and life-threatening diseases of adequate medical care.
Venezuela, Paludisme, MSF


Fighting malaria and a failing health system in Bolivar

In recent years, malaria has made a major come back in Venezuela.MSF intervenes in Bolivar, the country’s biggest state, to provide support to the National Malaria Program, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.
Libye, migrants, MSF, Mer Méditerranée

Libya, Mediterranean Sea

Nowhere to go but the sea

Escalating conflict and insecurity in Libya are leading thousands of people to flee, taking their chances on unseaworthy boats across the Mediterranean.
Gaza, blessure traumatique


Deaths and broken lives, the aftermath of airstrikes in Gaza

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza killed 11 civilians in November 2019. MSF’s teams working in Dar al Salam hospital treated an 11-year old girl who lost her entire family and was badly injured during the raids.
DRC, Rutshuru, hospital, MSF

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Miniseries: Inside the hospital of Rutshuru in DRC

Discover MSF’s work in the Rutshuru hospital with this miniseries.
Irak, BMRC, blessure traumatique


Mending broken lives: MSF treats wounded protesters in Baghdad

The Baghdad Medical Rehabilitation Centre that MSF opened in the Iraqi capital provides early medical and physical rehabilitation to the men, women and children wounded during the fighting.
Syria, displaced people


Afraid of the bombs: why people discuss the weather in northwestern Syria

Intense military offensives by the Government of Syria and its allies in southern Idlib, involving shelling, aerial bombing and ground offensives, have resulted in a massive new movement of people to escape the war zone.
MSF; épidémie, rougeole, urgence, vaccination

Democratic Republic of the Congo

More effort needed to stop deadly measles epidemic

The on-going measles epidemic is the world largest and the biggest recorded for years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
MSF, hôpital, blessures traumatiques, Port-au-Prince, Haïti, témoignage


Health structures are on the brink of collapse

New report highlights dangerous new obstacles facing health care providers and patients in Haiti.
Syrie. Idlib. Personnes déplacées. Camps.


“There are no safe places for people in Idlib”

Since mid-December, the Syrian government and its allies have intensified their offensive on Idlib province. Daily bombardments have caused the death of many civilians and tens of thousands of people have fled.