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Between humanitarian crises and medical emergencies: all the latest news

Cameroun. Violences. Conflit. Nigéria.


Conflict in Far North region strips people of hope

Largely forgotten by the media, people in Cameroon’s Far North region continue to suffer daily violence at the hands of all parties in conflict, while also facing extreme poverty in a region subject to an unpredictable climate.
MSF, hôpital, blessures traumatiques, Port-au-Prince, Haïti, crise politique et économique


MSF opens trauma hospital in Port-au-Prince

Haiti’s intensifying political and economic crisis is severely impacting the country’s medical system. MSF has opened a hospital specialised in treating patients with life-threatening injuries.
VIH, Malawi, MSF


New model of care aims to reduce deaths among advanced HIV patients

A new model of care could help communities spot the symptoms of HIV and speed up the referral process, so that HIV positive patients receive care quickly and effectively.
Kenya. Dadaab.


Shut out and forgotten, refugees in Dadaab appeal for dignity

Dimming prospects of lasting solutions amid continued insecurity in Somalia and ever-shrinking resettlement slots have locked refugees in Kenya's Dadaab camps in conditions of vulnerability and dependency.
Palestine, santé mentale, MSF


A Day in the Life of an MSF Counsellor in Gaza

As well as the physical aspect of the care we are providing, our psychosocial teams work with our patients and their families to aid in their recovery.
Migration. Camps. Moria. Grèce.
Dr Christos Christou


European leaders: Stop punishing asylum seekers on the Greek islands

MSF International President Dr Christos Christou visited the horrific conditions asylum seekers are living in on camps on the Greek islands and has a message for European leaders.
Niger, MSF, paludisme, malnutrition


Treating malnutrition and malaria around the clock

Every year, the combination of ‘hunger gap’ and rainy season trigger a spike in rates of malnutrition and malaria in southern Niger. Hundreds of thousands of children continue to be affected by this chronic emergency though.
Mer Méditerranée. Migrants. Libye. MSF.

Mediterranean Sea

213 survivors disembark in Messina

SOS Méditerranée and MSF repeat their calls to EU governments to ensure a sustained and coordinated response to the ongoing humanitarian disaster in the Central Mediterranean.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

A new vaccine against the Ebola virus

Vaccination is one of the key tools in fighting the Ebola outbreak in north-eastern DRC.
Bosnie. Migrants. Squats.


Beaten, cold, sick and stranded: migrants and asylum seekers in Bosnia

“Vucjak camp is a dangerous and inhumane place – no human being should live like that.”