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Between humanitarian crises and medical emergencies: all the latest news

MSF's wish list for 2021

Over the past extraordinary year, we were all touched by one of the greatest global health emergencies in decades.
Centrafrique. République centrafricaine. Conflit. Violences. Déplacés.

Central African Republic

MSF teams ramp up support as violence escalates

The security and humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly in Central African Republic, according to reports by MSF teams.
Ein Pfleger zieht die Spritze mit dem Ebola Impfstoff in Bikoro, in der Provinz Equateur, DRC, auf. © MSF/Louise Annaud

MSF: Creation of global Ebola vaccine stockpile is a positive step

Stockpile is a step in the right direction, but more transparency and research needed to fully meet the needs of people at risk of contracting Ebola.
Fièvre jaune. Vaccination.

Fractioning doses of yellow fever vaccine can help save more lives

A study from MSF/Epicentre has found that giving one-fifth of a normal dose of the yellow fever vaccine offers enough protection to prevent the deadly disease and save lives during outbreaks.
Soudan du Sud, MSF, Camp de réfugiés

Volunteer information online meeting

Would you like to become a volunteer for MSF in Luxembourg?
Mali. Violences. Conflit.


A patient dies after an MSF ambulance is violently detained

Médecins Sans Frontières condemns a “serious and violent obstruction of medical aid, and calls for respect of humanitarian and medical action and the civilian population”.
Mali. Violences. Bombardements


MSF is treating people injured in attacks in central Mali

MSF teams treated eight people who were seriously injured in attacks on the villages of Bounty and Kikara, in central Mali, on Sunday 3 January 2021.
Centrafrique. République centrafricaine. Bangassou. Conflits. Violences.

Central African Republic

MSF provides care in post-election attacks in Bangassou

MSF teams are providing medical care to people caught up in post-election violence across Central African Republic, including in Bangassou, the site of the latest attack by armed groups.
Centrafrique. République centrafricaine. Conflits. Violences.

Central African Republic

MSF staff member killed in shooting near Bambari

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) denounces the killing of one of our medical staff members following a shooting incident on a public transport truck in Grimari city in Ouaka prefecture, Central African Republic (CAR).
Mozambique. Cabo Delgado. Conflits. Violences.
Caroline Gaudron


Trying to survive a three-year nightmare in Mozambique

Caroline Gaudron, strategic support manager for MSF in Mozambique, describes the chaos and challenges for people trying to survive, having fled extreme violence in the province.