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Between humanitarian crises and medical emergencies: all the latest news

Thank you afterwork for runners after the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg

Thank You Afterwork for the runners who ran for Médecins Sans Frontières Luxemb

Des personnes déplacées de l'est de l'Ukraine assistent à une séance de psychoéducation dans la ville d'Ivano-Frankivsk, dans le sud-ouest du pays. Mai 2022


"Their symptoms are a normal response to an abnormal situation”

Here, Raul Manarte, mental health activity manager for MSFin Ukraine, describes how MSF is addressing mental health needs in these areas where many people have fled to from areas closer to the front lines.
Les équipes MSF apportent un soutien en santé mentale aux personnes qui ont fui les bombardements intenses dans le sud et l'est de l'Ukraine. Mai, 2022


Mental health needs grow after 100 days of war in Ukraine

After 100 days of war in Ukraine (3 June), MSF has been providing mental health support in shelters for displaced people, at mobile clinics in remote villages, and in urban metro stations.In the past months, MSF has observed that the war, especially the indiscriminate shelling and military occupation of certain areas, has caused serious psychological issues for the men, women and children.
A migrant from Guinea Conakry in one of the ghettos where MSF works in Agadez.


MSF denounces inhumane treatment of migrants turned back from Algeria and Libya

Approximately two thousand migrants are expelled from Algeria and Libya every month on average, including people with severe injuries, rape victims, and people suffering from serious trauma. Upon expulsion, these migrants are abandoned in the middle of the desert at the Algerian-Nigerien border, at a place called "Point Zero", 15 km from the town of Assamaka.
Vue d'une clinique mobile gérée par MSF devant un abri pour personnes déplacées dans l'oblast de Dnipropetrovska. Mai, 2022


MSF supports people fleeing conflict in eastern and south-eastern Ukraine

With hundreds of thousands of people having fled heavy fighting in eastern and south-eastern Ukraine, MSF teams are expanding medical and psychological support to vulnerable people living in shelters in and around Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia.
Atija Bacar a 66 ans et vit dans le camp de déplacés Eduardo Mondlane à Mueda, à Cabo Delgado. Elle travaille désormais avec MSF en tant qu'accoucheuse traditionnelle et assiste plus de 100 femmes dans le camp.


The challenge of a safe pregnancy and childbirth in Cabo Delgado

Atija Bacar is 66 years old and lives in Eduardo Mondlane, a camp for people who are internally displaced in Mueda, in Cabo Delgado. She works with MSF as a traditional birth attendant, pregnancy and childbirth care providers living in the community, and assists more than 100 women in the camp.
Migrants waiting for a bus in San Vicente. Panama, May 2022 © Santiago Valenzuela/ MSF


Deplorable reception conditions for refugees crossing the Darien Jungle

More than 300 people arrive in Panama every day through the Darién jungle, a difficult route where violence is rife. MSF teams are seeing a deterioration in the conditions in which migrants are received, which were already disastrous.
Des femmes cherchent de l'eau dans l'un des puits peu profonds situés le long d'un lit de rivière asséché à Illeret. La sécheresse ravageuse a entraîné une pénurie d'eau dans la région.


Malnutrition remains high as drought continues in Kenya

In north-eastern parts of Kenya, an ongoing drought rages following three consecutive seasons of failed rains, making an already dire food insecurity situation worse. Marsabit County is now at a level three crisis phase of high or above-usual rates of acute malnutrition. If the medical and humanitarian assistance doesn’t improve, this situation may continue to September 2022. Despite the prolonged drought crisis, the region has seen underinvestment in nutrition from the county and national governments.
MSF surgeons treat a young patient who was in a motorbike accident. MSF suspended its activities at the end of March to focus on the release of its members


Two MSF colleagues detained in Cameroon provisionally released from prison

Yesterday evening, May 19th, 2022, our colleagues Marguerite and Ashu were provisionally released from prison after being detained on the 27th of December 2021, while they were in the process of transferring a wounded patient by ambulance in the South West region of Cameroon.
Destruction dans la ville de Gaza où les frappes aériennes israéliennes ont tué des centaines de personnes depuis le 10 mai 2021.


Gaza: Some wounds never heal

From 10 to 21 May 2021, Israeli airstrikes and shelling on the Gaza Strip killed 256 people, including 66 children. Around 2,000 Palestinians were injured during the bombing, including over 600 children, some of whom sustained injuries resulting in long-term disabilities such as loss of limbs or eyesight. One year on, two patients treated by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and one MSF staff member share their testimonies to demonstrate the lifelong impacts of last year’s hostilities.