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Seven years of increasing suffering

Millions of people are in desperate need of lifesaving humanitarian aid.

    Year after year, we think the situation in Syria can't get any worse; and yet, it has.

    In 2016, we witnessed the horrors of the Battle for Aleppo. In 2017, we saw the siege and devastation of Raqqa. Already in 2018, we have watched Eastern Ghouta devolve into all-out war.

    Over five million Syrian refugees have fled the country. Millions (including many displaced persons) have suffered, living in fear year after year. They have lived in fear of being bombed or displaced once more. They have lived in fear of getting caught in the crossfire of the ongoing conflict.

    MSF directly manages five healthcare facilities and is a partner in the management of five more. We also have three teams operating mobile clinics in Northern Syria.

    MSF also provides remote support to roughly 25 healthcare facilities throughout the country, in zones where we cannot be physically present. In this way, we support Syrian doctors on the ground. From abroad, we help to get them medical supplies, fund the salaries of hospital and clinic staff, consult on matters of public health, manage hospitals and pharmacies, and attend to masses of victims. We also provide medical and technical support to doctors and specialists when they come across medical conditions or illnesses they were not trained to treat.