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After an inhibitant of the village Ndiovu has been diagnosed with Lassa fever, a WatSan team visits the village to disinfect the house of the patient


Lassa fever: not only a neglected disease, but neglected patients too

Temmy Sunyoto, member of the Luxembourg MSF research unit (LuxOR), reports on a mission she carried out in October 2021 in Abakaliki.
Hadiza Saidu, Jibia Community, Katsina State


“Lucky To Be Alive”: A documentary about the unprecedented nutritional crisis

“Lucky To Be Alive” is a documentary focusing on the nutritional crisis currently affecting northwest Nigeria. Filmed in Katsina State, it gives voice to Nigerian people struggling to survive against a backdrop of recurrent attacks by armed gangs – known as “bandits”, crop failures and an economic crisis aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Une équipe chirurgicale soutenue par MSF à l'unité des grands brûlés d'Al-Shifa, dans la ville de Gaza, change le pansement d'un patient sous anesthésie. ©Tetiana Gaviuk/MSF


Burn injuries, a chronic health problem in Gaza

Each year MSF clinics in Gaza treat 5,000 new burn victims, the vast majority of whom are children injured in domestic accidents. Unsafe housing conditions are one the main causes of these incidents. Almost 70 percent of Gaza’s population are refugees.
 Health promoter Juma provides instructions to people gathered at an MSF mobile clinic in the village of Nanili, in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado.


4 years of conflict in Cabo Delgado: "The situation is extremely volatile"

Paulo Milanesio is a project coordinator for MSF in Mueda, a town in the north of the Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado, where hundreds of thousands of people have sought refuge from ongoing conflict.
Hassan, 13 years old, and Ali, 7 years old, are happy to be on the Geo Barents after spending more than 13 hours in a wooden boat adrift in the Libyan SAR zone, before being rescued by MSF SAR teams on November 16, 2021

Mediterranean Sea

The father who faced the sea so his sons might go to school

A firsthand account from on board the MSF search and rescue vessel Geo Barents Candida Lobes, MSF communications manager onboard.
Des mères nourrissant leur enfant dans les chambres du centre d'alimentation thérapeutique pour patients hospitalisés de MSF à l'hôpital régional de Herat.


Malnutrition soars in Herat as Afghanistan healthcare is at breaking point

The Afghan healthcare system has been fragile and plagued by major gaps for years now, and the suspension of international aid as a result of the recent political developments has further deteriorated the situation. In Herat, Médecins Sans Frontières is witnessing a worrying increase in malnutrition, says Mamman Mustapha, former Project Coordinator for in the province.
Alice Authier, coordinatrice de terrain du projet oncologique de MSF, prononçant un discours lors de la cérémonie d'ouverture de la campagne Octobre rose


Pink October: what are the challenges of treating cancer in Mali?

Alice Authier, MSF’s oncology project coordinator in Mali, spells out the challenges of screening and treating cancer in the country. In 2018, MSF’s teams joined forces with Mali’s Ministry of Health to assist patients suffering from breast and cervical cancer.
Debra Donckel-Sances témoigne pour MSF Luxembourg à son retour d'Haïti
Debra Donckel-Sances
Debra Donckel-Sances


“After the earthquake, the situation was like nothing I had seen before”

On 14 August, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck southern Haiti. MSF has been present on the island for 30 years and was quickly deployed to care for the victims. Debra Donckel-Sances, Account Manager at MSF Luxembourg, did a detachment to Haiti for four weeks in the aftermath of the quake. In this interview, she explains the harsh living conditions in which the Haitian people and MSF staff are adjusting to the new normal.
First medical assessment and triage to a family of survivors of the first rescue on the 22nd of October, 2021;

Mediterranean Sea

Search and rescue: “They describe Libya as hell”

Many of the unaccompanied minors rescued by MSF search and rescue vessel Geo Barents from the Mediterranean escaped torture and exploitation.
Emergency room of the MSF Kunduz Emergency Trauma Unit, a medic examines the x-ray of a patient who has suffered a complicated fracture of their upper and lower leg due to a bomb blast. July 2021


Medical care in Kunduz: Making it work

Fighting in the city of Kunduz in north-eastern Afghanistan ended on 8 August. The local community still requires trauma care. A medic in MSF’s Kunduz team describes their experience during the fighting and the work that is going on today.