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Seven years of increasing suffering

Millions of people are in desperate need of lifesaving humanitarian aid.

Central African Republic

The increasing violence severely limited access to healthcare

A year in Pictures 2017

MSF's Pictures of the Year collection looks back on a year of providing medical care in extreme conditions and contexts across the globe.


Libya : the cynical complicity of the EU in a criminal detention system

The European migration policy is being pursued inexorably, regardless of the devastating consequences on the lives and health of thousands of refugees and migrants now trapped in Libya, where they face horrible suffering.


Cholera outbreak in Yemen

419,804 suspect cases were identified between April 27 and July 28, 2017.


Iraq, the impact of the war

Throughout the year 2016, there has been a constant movement of people fleeing from fighting zones or returning to newly recovered areas.

Hepatitis C: The cost of eradicating the disease

It costs around one hundred euros to manufacture a course of sofosbuvir treatment. Simply put, the price of a gram of sofosbuvir costs 67 times more than a gram of gold.
Plus de 300 personnes arrivent chaque jour dans le camp de Nduta, conçu à l'origine pour 50 000 personnes, mais accueillant maintenant plus de 65 000 personnes.

A month in focus

Each month a retrospective of MSF work.

2016 : A year in pictures

We look back on a tumultuous year that has seen an unbeatable spirit of survival and care shine through.
MSF-supported Mbalazime health centre, Bangassou sub-prefecture, Central African Republic.

Pneumonia kills thousands of children every year : we ask for a Fair Shot

For the the World Pneumonia Day, this Saturday, November 12th, discover MSF vaccination campaign in Bangassou, a small town in Central African Republic (CAR).