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How to support us ?


    How can I donate to MSF ?

    There are several ways to make a donation :
    - Directly online by following this link
    - By wire transfer to one of our accounts :

    Bank details
    CCP LU751111000048480000  BIC: CCPLLULL
    BCEE LU520019165575634000  BIC : BCEELULL
    BIL LU440021141000000000  BIC : BILLLULL
    BGL BNP PARIBAS LU480030339600421000  BIC : BGLLLULL

    I want to receive a tax receipt for my donation / I lost my tax receipts

    For each of your gifts, you will receive a letter of appreciation, confirming we have received your support. Your tax certificate will also be addressed to you once a year, with a summary of your donations.. If your support is regular (by direct debit), your receipt are sent at the beginning of each year for the donations of the previous year. In any case , if you have not received, or if you have lost, your tax receipt, you can contact the Donor service by email: don@msf.lu or by phone: 33 25 15.

    I recently lost a loved one and I wish to honor his memory.

    You will find all the necessary information by following this link .

    I am an individual and I wish to collect donations for MSF.

    You want to hold a sporting challenge, organize a birthday, a celebration, an happy event? You can create your own fundraising page on our online platform Alvarum to organize and manage your project independently. You can also check the page.

    Can I donate unused drugs or collect clothing and toys to benefit Doctors Without Borders?

    MSF does not accept drug donations nor clothing and toys.

    Most drugs often have an expiration date older than one year, which is in contradiction to the World Health Organization’s guidelines. When a donation does not come directly from a producer, MSF isn’t able to guarantee the quality of medicines and therefore can not use them.

    The drugs must also be adapted to the country where they are used. They must be approved by its government and be accompanied by a label written in the local language. Finally, it is often cheaper to buy and send drugs following the usual procedure than it is to send specific drug donations.

    MSF is a medical organization, therefore it is not useful in our case to collect clothing.

    I am a doctor, how can I order a money box without borders?

    For over 15 years, Luxembourg health professionals have been rallying to support MSF's activities by displaying an MSF piggybank in their medical offices. You can order yours for free by sending an email to don@msf.lu or by calling 33 25 15.

    I would like to bequeath or make a donation to MSF.

    Legacies and donations are strong acts of inestimable significance for our actions. They give our teams the means to save lives in the field. You will find all relevant information to your decision by following this link.

    I do not want to be solicited by MSF anymore

    The goal of sending Reflets magazine and news of MSF missions is to keep you informed of the actions our teams can lead thanks to your support.

    However, if you find you receive too much or too often, you can of course ask to receive it less frequently or even to stop receiving it. Simply contact our Donor Service (33 25 15) or send an email to don@msf.lu stating your details.


    Does MSF do telemarketing campaigns?

    MSF uses the phone as part of fundraising activities to create genuine dialogue with donors. We thank and inform people of our actions and our needs, and invite them to join our regular donors or enhance their amount of support. The choice, of course, is theirs.

    I want to support MSF by making regular donations: what is the most effective method?

    Regular support is the fastest, most convenient and efficient way to support us. You can set it up :

    - Through a SEPA direct debit whereby you authorize us to charge your donation with the date and amount of your choice.
    - By setting up a recurring wire transfer with your bank.

    - Directly online by following this link.

    For more information, contact your bank or our donor service at 33 25 15.

    I changed bank account, how can I communicate my new information to you?

    To inform us of your bank details, you can send us an email at don@msf.lu, providing your contact details, or by mail to the following address: MSF - Donor Service - 68, rue de Gasperich - L-1617 Luxembourg.

    I want to stop my direct debit (SEPA direct debit)

    It is mainly thanks to you that MSF can guarantee its financial independence. However, if your personal situation has changed or if you no longer wish to support Doctors Without Borders, you can interrupt the debit donations by contacting the donor service at Médecins Sans Frontières.