Les nuits sont très froides. Les personnes vivant dans les abris des camps sont confrontées à des conditions de vie très difficiles. Gaza, décembre, 2023 © MSF
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Gaza: "Life has become 5 times harder"

On Friday, March 8, 2024

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MSF Vehicles Maintenance Supervisor, Suhail Habib, talks about the lack of food in the north of Gaza and how he is struggling to feed his family. He says they sometimes have to resort to eating pet food to survive and that there is no drinking water available.

The north of Gaza has been largely cut off from assistance for months, leaving people trapped and with no choice but to attempt to survive on miniscule amounts of food, water and medical supplies. Entire neighbourhoods have been bombed and destroyed.

This situation is the direct result of the string of unconscionable decisions taken by Israeli authorities while waging this war.

Life has not only become difficult, but it has become 5 times harder.
We can’t find flour because the Israeli army blocked it. We are forced to eat animal food just to survive. Sometimes we eat bird food, donkey food, and sometimes grass which we pick from the corners of the streets. We are trying to survive hunger.

I go three days without food, and my wife keeps asking me: “What did you eat today?” I reply that I’m not hungry. I come home empty-handed, with no food, barely any flour, no bread, no rice. Today, 1kg of rice costs 33 dollars so I can’t afford to feed the children.

We don’t have any clean water, there’s no drinkable water. We don’t have electricity and we cannot get medicines.

My mother suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes, and I cannot get medication for her.

A lot of people in Gaza are suffering from respiratory problems because of the smoke and dust from the bombings.
Communicable diseases are also spreading quickly.

Suhail Habib  - MSF Vehicles Maintenance Supervisor 


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