New Operational Research Training on Climate, Environment and Health

Participants in the 2023 MSF Operational Research Training on Climate, Environment and Health

In the complex terrain of global challenges, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) acknowledges the profound impact of climate change and environmental degradation on the communities they serve. These challenges not only compound existing humanitarian crises but create a web of interconnected issues that demand thoughtful and innovative solutions.

While existing scientific evidence underscores the health impacts of climate change, there exists a gap in understanding MSF's role as an emergency humanitarian actor and how operational strategies can adapt to this evolving landscape. The MSF Luxembourg Operational Research Unit, LuxOR, aims to bridge this gap through a targeted scoping exercise, laying the foundation for operational research that aligns with the unique challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation on human health . Hence, LuxOR has chosen to channel its efforts into tthis thematic in its latest training initiative.

From December 4th to 16 2023, LuxOR welcomed six colleagues from different intersectional projects and offices in the first two modules of the CEH Operational Research Training in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. These sessions marked a significant step towards building organisational capacity to tackle the complex intersection of climate, environment, and health in emergency humanitarian contexts. Participants to the training were selected through a competitve call for applications, on the basis of their research idea proposal and professional profile. During the two weeks of in-person training, they worked at refining their initial research ideas and work them into research protocols. Their studies will be then implemented throughout 2024, with ongoing remote support by their mentors. The end of the training is foreseen in 2025, with a last module in presence, focusing on the Policy and Practice Implications of the studies.

Study protocols are currently being submitted to the relevant intersectional MSF Scientific Committees and will undergo the review of the MSF and national Ethical Review Boards before implementation starts. Stay tuned to get to know each of the six participants and their research once ready to start!