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Your questions

    Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about bequests and donations. For more information about the law or your personal situation, contact your notary: http://www.notariat.lu/trouver-un-notaire/annuaire-des-notaires

    Can I revoke or amend my will?

    Yes. You can revoke or amend your will at any time and as many times as you wish. Only the latest written will is valid.

    Does MSF pay inheritance tax?

    Yes. However, these taxes are reduced. As an organisation recognised to be of public interest, MSF pays inheritance tax at the rate of 4%.

    Can I ask that my bequest be allocated to a specific country or mission?

    Having access to flexible funds is critical to our ability to go where the needs are the greatest. This is why kindly urge you not to request that your bequest be allocated to a specific country or mission.

    Is there a minimum amount for a bequest?

    No. Any bequest ‒ even the most modest ‒ is precious to us.

    Do I not run the risk of penalising my children?

    No. If you have heirs, the majority of your estate, the so-called 'reserved share' will go to them automatically. You may bequeath to MSF all or part of the remaining share, called the 'disposable share', to which you have free access.

    Do I have to notify MSF of my will?

    No. Estate and inheritance planning is a private matter and there is no obligation for you to inform us of your choice. However, if we are aware of your plans, we can send you regular updates about our operations.