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In practice

    Including MSF in your will has an invaluable impact on supporting our operations. And you can be assured that you are bequeathing genuine strength of action to serve those who need it, a way of perpetuating your values beyond your own story.

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    Your options


    There are three types of bequests you can include in your will:

    • A universal legacy allows you to transfer all your estate to MSF.
    • A legacy by universal title allows you to transfer a portion (30%, one-fourth, etc.) or a category (real estate, banking assets, etc.) of your estate to MSF.
    • A legacy by particular title is the most common. It allows you to transfer one or multiple specific assets to MSF. Therefore, you can bequeath to us a sum of money, a house, a valuable, etc. Note that if you have heirs, the majority of your estate, the so-called 'reserved share' will go to them automatically. You may bequeath to MSF all or part of the remaining share, called the 'disposable share', to which you have free access. 

    Note: a bequest or donation to MSF also enables you to benefit from advantageous tax treatment on your estate.


    A donation lets you take immediate action by transferring ownership of an asset during your life. To be valid, a donation must fulfil the formal requirements of a notarial deed. For more information, please contact your notary: 

    Life insurance

    Life insurance is another solution to provide ongoing support for our actions. It allows you to amass savings in an advantageous tax scheme and, in the event of your death, to transfer your wealth to MSF by naming it as the sole beneficiary or one of multiple beneficiaries, duly specified upon signing.