Rassemblement pour Gaza à Luxembourg. 18 décembre, 2023 © MSF

MSF Luxembourg calls for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza ahead of the European Council

On Thursday, December 14, 2023

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On the morning of 14 December, ahead of the meeting of the European Council taking place in Brussels until 15 December, the Luxembourg section of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) came together to make an urgent appeal to the European Union to support the call made to Charles Michel, President of the Council of the European Union, to lead a discussion on a lasting humanitarian ceasefire that could lead to an end to hostilities.

Thomas Kauffmann au rassemblement pour Gaza à Luxembourg. 18 décembre, 2023 © MSF

As we mourn and mobilise, we must also be determined to bring about change. The values of humanity are not mere concepts: they must be embodied in action. That's why we're here. On this symbolic Place de l'Europe and in front of the Robert Schumann building of the European Parliament, we are calling with a strong and resolute voice for everything to be done to put an end to the violence", emphasised Thomas Kauffmann, Director General of MSF Luxembourg.

"All this mus stop now."

In tribute to the MSF colleagues who died in Gaza, as well as to the victims of this conflict, whatever their affiliation, and to the hostages still being held by Hamas, all the participants shared 1 minute's silence. The Luxembourg section of MSF also recalled that it was "deeply shocked and moved by the atrocities committed by Hamas on 7 October, which in turn led to an all-out war waged by Israel, before the eyes of the whole world".

To date, according to the WHO (World Health Organisation), more than 18,000 people, 70% of them women and children, have died as a result of the Israeli attacks, and more than 49,000 have been injured.

Rassemblement pour Gaza à Luxembourg. 18 décembre, 2023 © MSF
Rassemblement pour Gaza à Luxembourg. 18 décembre, 2023 © MSF

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