Mobile medical units sent into Ukraine by MSF to provide medical assistance to people trying to cross into Poland to escape the war in their country - Polish-Ukrainian border, 09 March 2022
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MSF mobile clinics arrive in Ukraine

On Thursday, March 10, 2022

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MSF Emergency teams have been deployed in all neighbouring countries. We are in the Polish-Ukrainian borders sending inside Ukraine medical mobile units, and we are also mounting up our efforts to send medical supplies, logistic supplies and human resources to our teams who are working all around the clock in Ukraine. We have been in contact with hospitals all over the country, who are in desperate need of medical supplies to treat the wounded as well as people with chronic diseases. Our prepositioned kits have been already donated.

We have donated trauma kits in hospitals in Kyiv, and we are in contact with medical facilities in eastern, western Ukraine and Mariupol.

In Poland, we see daily, people crossing the borders. The temperatures are freezing. We see women and children, elderly crossing daily, and we are very concerned about their situation. More and more vulnerable people are coming out. And we are here to support as much as possible the efforts, from inside Ukraine and also in the neighbouring countries: Poland, Moldavia, Hungary, Slovakia, as well as our teams in Belarus and Russia. 

MSF has also mobilised emergency teams in most of Ukraine's neighbouring countries with a twofold objective: firstly, to pre-position medical equipment so that we can enter the country and deal not only with the war-wounded but also with all the medical emergencies we can within our means (people with chronic diseases whose treatment may be interrupted, or people with tuberculosis and HIV, etc.), and secondly, to assess the unmet needs of the refugees at these border posts. The people we see arrive exhausted, facing the journey even on foot and enduring freezing temperatures.

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