On Monday 10 May, we started supporting the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) in Jerusalem to assess and stabilize hundreds of Palestinians injured by the Israeli police at a PRCS trauma stabilization point in the city.
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Jerusalem : MSF helps to treat Palestinians injured by the Israeli police.

On Friday, May 14, 2021

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"Our teams treated Palestinians, including children, with rubber bullet, stun grenade and blunt trauma injuries. People had also been sprayed with a chemical fluid known as 'skunk water' and had inhaled tear gas. Many patients have received head, chest or eye injuries from rubber bullets. We saw many children injured including a 12-year-old with a femur injury and a 14-year-old with an eye injury." , descibes Dr Natalie Thurtle, MSF’s Medical Coordinator in Palestine.

Lundi 10 mai, MSF a commencé à soutenir le Croissant-Rouge palestinien (CRP) à Jérusalem pour évaluer et stabiliser des centaines de Palestiniens blessés par la police israélienne.

We hear that ambulances are being restricted to enter parts of the old city.  We wonder if there are patients that need to come that cannot.  

At least 612 Palestinians, including children, have been injured on Monday, according to the PRCS, with 411 patients taken to hospital.

MSF, present in the Gaza Strip for over twenty years, stands ready to support the health authorities to provide vital medical care to those who need it.

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