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Welcome to the new comers Abeer, Célia, Maider, Maria Livia and Michèle

Le vendredi 30 avril 2021

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Abeer Ghadban

I am Abeer, the new International HR data analyst in Luxembourg. I was working as a data specialist with MSF in Lebanon, and I did different missions with MSF as a flying health information systems implementer. I’m very excited to work with the team in Luxembourg and to meet everyone!

Célia Kocher

Hello everyone! I'm Célia, I'm coming straight from the Alsatian countryside and I'm joining Carole's team in Public Engagement for a 6 months internship as part of my studies. Luxembourg and MSF are a first for me, and it is with great enthusiasm that I am discovering both. I like hiking (twice a year for good conscience), TV Shows (don't talk to me about Game of Thrones season 8) and reading a good book (I'm more fantasy than classic though). Looking forward to meeting you.

Maider Pagola Ugarte

Hallo, mäin Numm ass Maider, I am from a little town in the Basque country, Spain. For some years, I have been living here and there, but my adventure within MSF has just begun. Hopefully, this journey will last looong. Currently I am working as Operational research support based in Luxembourg. I am passionate about epidemiology and I have special interest in Infectious diseases. I always enjoyed working in a team with people from all over the world.

Maria Livia de Rubeis

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I moved to beautiful Luxembourg for my first collaboration with MSF, after working in similar positions for other NGOs, both in the field and HQs. Since last March, I am the new Policy & Practice and Communication advisor of MSF’s operational research unit, LuxOR. I support my team in translating research findings into valuable evidence to improve MSF’s projects and enhance access to care in the communities we support.

Bonjour à tou.te.s ! Il y a quelques semaines, j'ai déménagé dans le beau Luxembourg pour ma première collaboration avec MSF, après avoir occupé des postes similaires pour d'autres ONG, tant sur le terrain qu'au siège. Depuis mars dernier, je fais partie de l'unité de recherche opérationnelle de MSF, LuxOR, en tant que conseillère en Politiques & Pratiques et Communication. J'aide mon équipe à traduire les résultats de la recherche en preuves exploitables pour améliorer les projets de MSF et renforcer l'accès aux soins dans les communautés que nous soutenons.

Michele Jensen-Carlen

Hello, I'm Michèle and I'm the new Resources & Partnership development Project Manager. I am half Swedish and half Luxembourgish, and I have been an expat for 20 years living on several continents. I have a background in Journalism and Sales, and I'm particularly interested in hypnotherapy, mediation and alternative healing methods.