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5373 buildings mapped by our mappers on 22 May 2024!

On Thursday, May 23, 2024

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54 participants mobilised to map Sokoto, Nigeria

The mapathons give people living in Luxembourg the opportunity to contribute directly to MSF's work in the field. How can they do this? By providing valuable information about our areas of operation. Accurate maps are essential for organising the logistics of operations carried out among populations deprived of healthcare. Unfortunately, these maps are often not available in the areas where MSF is most likely to operate.

Mapathons mobilise a team of volunteers to map a defined area and highlight the elements that are essential to understanding it: the presence of buildings, roads, etc. These mapping workshops do not require any prior knowledge, but they save a considerable amount of time for the teams on the ground. On 22 May, 54 volunteers spent 3 hours mapping Sokoto, Nigeria. A total of 5,373 buildings were identified in the area.


Mapathon Unipop étudiantsMapathon étudiantes Miami University
Participants mapathon UnipopPrésentation du mapping par l'équipe de RSS Hydro

3 hours of mapping to support teams working with noma victims

The information gathered during this mapathon, organised in partnership with Unipop, Digital Learning Hub and 42 Luxembourg, will be checked by experienced users of Open Street Map (OSM), the database used during the mapathons. They will then be used by the teams on the ground, who will be able to add details such as the characteristics of the building, the quality and practicability of the road, etc.

By taking part in the mapathon on 22 May, our volunteers provided information that will be used to set up actions to benefit people affected by noma. Noma, a little-known non-contagious disease, particularly affects children under 5 living in poverty. Since 2014, MSF has been involved in the Noma Hospital in Sokoto, in particular by sending an international team of surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses 4 times a year to operate on noma survivors. The teams also carry out community awareness-raising activities, active case-finding in the region, health promotion and mental health support. The maps produced as a result of this mapathon will be used to support these community health activities.

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