Job opening LuxOR Coordinator (f,m,x)

A one-year contract with the possibility of extension (this is a LuxOR Core position) Based in Luxembourg


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides aid in more than 70 countries to populations in distress, to victims of natural or manmade disasters and to victims of armed conflicts, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed, or political affiliation.

MSF Luxembourg is a historical partner section of the MSF movement created in 1986. With 35 staff members, the section’s team works to raise awareness on humanitarian issues among Luxembourg’s population, raise funds needed to finance humanitarian interventions, supports MSF volunteers who go into the field and carry out operational research projects directly linked to health programs to help improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Nine MSF partner sections (Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, South Africa and Sweden) and the Lebanon Branch Office, make up the Operational Centre Brussels (OCB).

The OCB Medical Department is a network of units, the Brussels Medical Unit (BRUMED in Brussels), the Southern African Medical Unit (SAMU) in Cape Town, the Luxembourg Operational Research unit (LuxOR) in Luxembourg, the Middle East Medical Unit (MEMU) in Beirut and the Brazilian Medical Unit (BRAMU) in Latin America.

The LuxOR was founded in 2009 and is a part of the MSF-OCB Medical Department. Operational Research helps MSF take an in-depth look at its programs and operations, evaluates what is working well, and shows what can and needs to be improved. Since 2019, LuxOR took up the support and a coordination role for the different epidemiology advisors and field epidemiologists as well, providing technical support, guidance and advice to the field-epidemiologists in the different OCB missions. 

More information can be found here.

Functional Interactions

  • The LuxOR Director is the overall medical department reference person regarding guiding global policy and strategic aspects of operational research and Epidemiology support in OCB. His tasks include providing overall guidance to team members & unit startegy. Development of partnerships and driving the intersectional collaboration with other MSF operational Centers and global partners in the area of Operational Research and Epidemiology support.

  • The LuxOR Team members consist of the LuxOR Coordinator, Research Process Coordinator, Operational Research and Epidemiology Advisors, Medical Editor, Communication and Policy and Practice Advisor. LuxOR team members are based in Brussels, Luxembourg, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Canada and South Africa. They have continuous interaction with the field, operational cells, regional support teams and the medical department technical referents and provide support on operational research, documentation activities and support to field-epidemiologists within projects. All positions report to the LuxOR Director and LuxOR Coordinator and work closely with colleagues inside and outside the medical department as well as counterparts in the MSF movement.

  • The OCB Medical Department Strategic Advisor provides a functional interaction/link on files around OR related processes such as Research      Agreements, Data Sharing Agreements, Material Transfer Agreement, any other Data Sharing and Data Banking, GDRP compliance, Health Record Management, Information and Knowledge management, Research Insurance, and other Institutional agreements.

  • The SAMU Research Coordinator is responsible for supporting and coordinating a large thematic OR portfolio (HIV, TB, HBV/HCV, NCDs, key populations, etc. in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East) and for linkage with LuxOR and Medical Department on OR issues. There is a functional interaction/link with the LuxOR Coordinator on Research portfolios, OR processes could ensure harmonization, standardization, and cross-pollination between the units (which also fall under the LuxOR Research Process Coordinator).

  • The LuxOR Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day team management, research system support, OR coordination, and supports on budget and LuxOR strategy. The LuxOR Coordinator is also responsible for linkage between LuxOR, Operations and the Medical Department in Brussels. The job will start with an emphasis on the LuxOR coordinator responsibilities but whilst the candidate will become more familiar, with MSF(OCB) and LuxOR, the coordination responsibilities will be reduced to 60% and 40% will focus on direct Operational Research Support.


LuxOR Coordination (60%)

  1. Support the development and progression of the MSF-OCB and LuxOR Operational Research Portfolio
  • In collaboration with the LuxOR director, the LuxOR team and medical referents contribute to the development of research agendas and the portfolio of OR activities; identify the related resources to achieve the objective (HR, equipment, finances, etc.). This task has to be achieved in the early phase of the definition of a new project and revised periodically afterwards. The LuxOR coordinator will thus be actively involved in the oversight support for different operational research projects and strategic planning. 
    • Process support is provided by the LuxOR Research Process Coordinator
  • Together with the team (and MSF movement wide initiatives), proactively scan the “evidence gap”, and build opportunities for OR in a specific thematic area (e.g. environmental health) which are aligned with the OCB operations and medical department strategy. 
  • Propose and participate in regular field visits by LuxOR staff to priority projects to define/ refine/ follow-up the OR agenda, propose relevant data collection, and propose a dynamic which allows capacity building and participation of field staff in OR. 
  • Assure with the LuxOR policy and practice advisor that the OR agenda and output is useful and relevant to MSF operations and the humanitarian space, and thus assure that OR informs policy and practice change.
  • Create an enabling and flexible environment with (para-)medical staff that fosters and supports OR initiatives (Community of Practice, Intranet and Knowledge bases). 
  • Be flexible and accommodating to Medical and Operations Department needs.
  • Coordinate and facilitate activities related to: 
  • Defining and lobbying for the resources and improved organisational set up of the OR activities at project level implying data collection/awareness of its relevance. 
  • Facilitate feedback and discussions on implications for policy and practice between the LuxOR unit and the policy and practice officer. 
  • Contribute to retention strategy of trained research staff; create a pool of staff with Research
  • Support the organisation of Operational Research Training activities


  1. Manage and Coordinate the LuxOR team (in collaboration with the LuxOR director)
  • The LuxOR Coordinator is the direct day to day line manager of the Luxor team members and coordinates all LuxOR team activities (in collaboration with the LuxOR Director). This will be defined in more detail within the first months of starting the position.
  • Ensure that all positions in the team are clearly organised and mapped and align with their activity portfolio to the LuxOR strategy
  • Propose and design additional short-term contracts for OR work in priority thematic areas, when additional capacity is required (e.g. consultants/interns)
  • Jointly with the LuxOR director the LuxOR coordinator will assure the planning and follow-up of a budget for LuxOR activities. 
  • Organize regular meetings in Luxembourg and Brussels and maintain MSF Luxembourg section (management team and departments and board) updated on LuxOR activities and outcomes. He /she will update the MSF Luxembourg board on request basis (jointly with the director). 
  • Support the development of a strong knowledge management system (jointly with the LuxOR Research Process Coordinator and LuxOR Policy and Practice Advisor)
  • The LuxOR Coordinator is responsible for the organisation of quarterly and yearly activity reports and summaries as well as reporting to potential donors (in collaboration with fundraising, comms and finance departments) in collaboration with the LuxOR director and policy and practice advisor. 


  1. Part of the MSF-Luxembourg and Management Team
  • Represent and participate in LuxOR in the MSF-Luxembourg Management Team (together with the LuxOR director). 
  • Support a warm and welcoming office environment.
  • Ensure relevant LuxOR strategic objectives are broadly aligned and embedded in the relevant sections of the MSF-Luxembourg strategy and logframe
  • Represent the LuxOR in relevant MSF-Luxembourg meetings
  • Participate in representation activities of MSF, MSF-Luxembourg and LuxOR (e.g. meetings with donors, public communication etc.)

Operational Research Advisor in Area to be determined (at a later stage) (40%)

  • Support the development of the research portfolio in the domain that will be determined at a later stage based on interests and competences of the respective selected candidate;
    • Work closely with technical referents in the OCB-Medical department to define research priorities and agendas.
    • Work closely with the LuxOR team on agenda setting.
    • Align and define with MSF-Movement wide priorities with different OCs and sections
  • Ensure research priorities are properly bridged with relevant colleagues on HQ (e.g. other technical referent and expertise). 
  • Ensure an interdisciplinary approach where applicable.
  • Actively look and create partnerships in this domain (knowledge hubs, other humanitarian partners and academic) both for operational support and operational research


  • Preferably (para) medical profile (MSc. Degree or higher) with extensive experience in Operational Research
    • Master in public health is an asset
    • A PhD. is an asset
  • Humanitarian operational and project coordination experience (ex HoM, MedCo, FieldCo, Epi or equivalent)
    • Work in MSF contexts (including that with other organisations) experience is an asset
  • Basic budget management experience 
  • Proven experience in scientific writing
  • Proven experience in scientific protocol and grant writing
  • Broad understanding of research study designs (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Broad understanding of statistical methods and versatile in the use of tools such as STATA and/or R
  • Broad and understanding of GIS and versatile in the use of tools such ArcGIS and/or qGIS
  • Very high level of spoken English, scientific writing skills and ability to use the editorial pen on manuscripts for publication, descriptive documentation such as reports
  • Fluency in spoken and written French. 


  • High level of work autonomy and ability to have a global overview (“see the forest and not just the tree”). 
  • A public health diplomat which values are aligned with the work we do in MSF
    • Good listening and observational skills
  • Proven Strategic analysis and management capacity
  • Pragmatic attitude and approach
  • Willingness (flexibility) to travel and work between Luxembourg, Brussels and the field is essential.
  • Ability to, efficiently, delegate tasks. 
  • Adhere to the MSF principles and to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Empowerment
  • Adhere to the MSF Behavioral Commitments


  • A one-year contract with the possibility of extension (this is a LuxOR Core position)
  • Based in the MSF-Luxembourg office in Luxembourg city
  • Monthly gross salary: from 5580€ to 6630 € according to MSF experience 
  • Hospitalization insurance, meal vouchers, transport allowance, relocation package (if applicable) 
  • Starting date: ASAP

Application Deadline : 12th April 2024


Do you have a Medical or paramedical background?
Are you experienced working with statistical software?
How many publications as first or second author have you published?
Do you have experience in Team Management?
What is your level in English?
What is your level in French?

In case of question, you can contact

Marie-Nathalie Houba, HR Manager