From left to right: Jean Asselborn, Roger Martínez Dolz and Dr Christos Christou.

MSF meets Jean Asselborn on migration: "We are here to defend humanity"

On Monday, October 4, 2021

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The meeting, evaluated in a positive and constructive way, further stimulated the dialogue with the Luxembourg government, which is still listening to MSF's position on issues such as the situation in Afghanistan, Libya, the Mediterranean and the hotspots on the Greek islands.

During their meeting, Minister Jean Asselborn, MSF International President Dr Christos Christou and MSF Luxembourg Director General Roger Martínez Dolz discussed the current situation in Afghanistan, and in particular the situation of health facilities that are in an imminent collapse situation. Luxembourg will continue, within its means, to welcome Afghan refugees on its territory and will engage at European level on this issue ahead of the High Level Resettlement Forum on the situation in Afghanistan which will take place on 7 October.

"We have sent the message that the European Union must play a very important role on Afghanistan these days. And not only in terms of how to resettle people who are going to leave. We have huge humanitarian needs that need to be addressed," says Dr Christou.

The EU must address humanitarian needs as a priority. At the top of the European agenda is security and should be humanity. This is the change we are calling for as MSF.  Dr Christos Christou, MSF International President.

Dr Christou also spoke about the lack of safe and legal routes out of Libya. This lack of alternatives causes extremely vulnerable people to continue to rely on criminal networks to organise their passage, again and again. They are constantly exposed to violence and abuse.

I think our role as MSF in Luxembourg these days is to engage more, not only with the society, but also with the Luxembourg state, Dr Christos Christou, MSF International President.

The second part of the meeting tackled the challenges of the refugee hotspots, focusing on the situation in the Samos camp, as well as the many obstacles in MSF's search and rescue activities in the Mediterranean.

On Thursday 7 October, Dr Christou will meet with Franz Fayot, Minister of Economy, Cooperation and Humanitarian Action, to discuss COVAX, access to humanitarian aid in conflict areas such as the Sahel, Nigeria and Mozambique, and climate change.