MSF's wish list for 2022

On Wednesday, December 29, 2021

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As we turn the corner on another challenging year for the world, we want to share with you some of our hopes and dreams for better times ahead and some of the work our colleagues have been doing around the world to make them real.

2021 has brought far more than its fair share of disappointments for all of us working to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from access to lifesaving medicines, vaccines and other medical technologies.

But we know we must and can do better to ensure that people come before profits in the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

You can start now by sharing our ‘Wishes’ with your friends, families and networks, and make some Wishes of your own, so that 2022 may turn out as a true turning point in the story of access to medicines for all.

WISH #1 - Grow the number of COVID-19 vaccine producers

From South Africa: We wish for pharma to share COVID-19 vaccine recipes with WHO’s tech transfer hub to increase the number of vaccine manufacturers in African countries.

WISH #2 - Key medicines for people living with complications of AIDS 

From India: We wish for Gilead to reliably deliver on its promise of more affordable prices for a key drug for people with AIDS who have deadly cryptococcal meningitis.


WISH #3 - Laws to break monopolies so medicines are affordable  

From Brazil: We wish for parliament to pass more laws to free medicines from monopolies and open up affordable generic production.

WISH #4 - Options for quality treatment for people with diabetes 

From East Africa: We wish for more affordable insulin that is approved by WHO as part of the bundle of medical tools people with diabetes need. 

WISH #5 - Support for local manufacturers to make tests

From South East Asia:  We wish for government support for local manufacturers to expand production and supply of diagnostics tests for COVID-19 and for other diseases.  

WISH #6 - People over and Forever 

Our Campaign ‘Wishes’ are many but are all driven by the conviction that people must come before profits

Our wishes for 2022

Wherever we work, we are inspired by our medical humanitarian work to make these and other wishes for access to medicines a reality for all. And we believe that through supporting and strengthening a diverse and inclusive movement of global change we will achieve our shared goals.

Join us in 2022 !