MSF/Pauline Moinault

MSF at the Humanitarian Innovation Accelerator Pitch Event on Thursday June 29

On Monday, July 3, 2023

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Antibiogo and Mini-Lab: MSF innovations


Antibiogo is a medical diagnostic device designed to help doctors prescribe the most effective antibiotics for their patients. It is available as a free, open source, offline Android application that enables non-expert lab technicians to measure and interpret antibiograms, providing accurate results that can also be used for monitoring purposes and updating empirical treatments based on actual etiology.


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The Mini-Lab project aims to design and build an all-in-one clinical bacteriology laboratory that is autonomous, transportable, affordable and, above all, adapted to MSF's field operations. This concept, developed by MSF with its partners, is also intended to be made available to healthcare professionals in countries with limited resources. 

The Mini-Lab project hosted by MSF was able to benefit from other funding mechanisms, and the MSF Foundation was able to redirect its funding to other emerging initiatives.

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Some pictures of the event 

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