MSF spoke at the Lycée Technique pour Professions de Santé to present its activities

On Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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On July 7, MSF presented its activities to several classes of nursing students at LTPS, on the occasion of its Schoulfëst. The aim of the morning was to show another facet of the profession, and the opportunities for work and cooperation within Médecins Sans Frontières.

Tessy Fautsch, currently a teacher at LTPS, shared her field experience with the students.  She has worked for MSF for several years, including missions in Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria and Bangladesh. She focused her presentation on the major differences between working in Luxembourg hospitals and the living and working conditions in the precarious intervention zones where she has been able to practice her profession.

This exchange was an opportunity to answer questions, particularly on the risks associated with interventions and general procedures, which enlightened the students on the supervision of expatriates who commit themselves to MSF.


We would like to thank LTPS for hosting us and Tessy for her invaluable testimony.

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