Invitation: info sessions MSF We Want To Be

On Thursday, April 20, 2023

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The MSF We Want To Be project team is organising two online sessions to inform all MSF members about the progress of the project. During these webinars, participants will get an overview of the results and recommendations made by members during the movement-wide consultation process, as well as the preliminary positions and reflections gathered from the ongoing engagement and reflections with the different MSF decision-making platforms.

Objectives of the sessions

  • Socialise the six outcomes of the MSF WWTB consultation and preliminary reflections from the MSF leadership
  • Update you on the project and the next steps, including the 7th conversation and the IGA 2023

The presentation by the MSF WWTB team will be followed by a Q&A session with a panel composed by some representatives of the MSF WWTB Steering Committee and the project team.

How to get prepared?

In preparation for the session, please read the briefing document below, which gives an overview of the process and outcomes of each conversation. Each of the six conversations led to a synthetized outcome drawing from the contribution of participants to the live conversations, relevant written contributions, digital engagement, and FADs reports. Each outcome presents the following outline:  

  • Key challenges or shortcomings identified by participants.  
  • Recommendations on how to address these challenges, with suggested actions.  
  • Unresolved issues or disagreements that have emerged from the conversation and will require further discussions in the movement. 

The sessions will be broadcast in English, French, Arabic and Spanish. Recordings will be available after the session, for those who cannot attend the live event.

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