Presentation of MSF to European Parliament trainees

On Thursday, June 16, 2022

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At a webinar organized on Tuesday, May 31, our collaborators Marie-Nathalie Houba, Human Resources Manager, and Roberto Baldanza, a field humanitarian currently engaged in promoting MSF to the local public, presented the MSF Movement to trainees from the European Parliament offices in Luxembourg and Brussels.

Roberto Baldanza, who also started his international career with the same traineeship 25 years ago, explained the principles on which our medical humanitarian organization is based, our history and the challenges that MSF faces in almost 90 countries. Marie-Nathalie presented the professional profiles necessary for the smooth running of our operations, the associated tasks and the recruitment criteria.

Several of the trainees asked relevant questions about our fields of operation, including our commitment to the people of Ukraine and, more generally, about the personal qualities necessary to work on an MSF project. They also expressed an interest in volunteering, so we invited them to attend the information session on our volunteer programme that was held at our Gasperich office on June 15.

This webinar, organized by Ms Visconti, Trainee Coordinator of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, was attended by about 50 participants, some of whom we hope may join the ranks of an international humanitarian organization like ours in the future. We thank Ms Visconti for her invitation, as well as her interest in our organization, and we will remain in contact in order to continue our collaboration with the European Parliament but also possibly with other European Institutions present in Luxembourg.

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