Associative forum 1: MSF operational dilemmas in complex environments

On Monday, January 30, 2023

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In order to give us some space to discuss around our social mission and operational topics, MSF Luxembourg organises a series of associative forums all yearlong in February, April, September and November 2023 (the GA being held on May, 13th ). 

The first associative forum of the year will take place at Café Littéraire Le Bovary on Tuesday 7th February from 6:30 pm and we will have the opportunity to discuss MSF Operational dilemmas in complex environments, (including Ethiopia, Ukraine, Sahel etc) with Dr Fasil Tezera, MSF OCB President.

Dr Fasil Tezera gained his pharmacy degree before joining MSF in 1990 as a pharmacist in Liberia. For more than 30 years he has worked with MSF in the field in various capacities, from pharmacist to head of mission, in countries including Rwanda, South Sudan, Pakistan and Nepal. After a long career working for MSF in long-term projects as well as emergencies, he took a position in the analysis department of MSF’s Operational Centre in Brussels before being elected as President of MSF Belgium and the Operational Centre in Brussels and becoming a member of the International Board in 2022





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