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Financial Tranparency

Private donations represent more than 99% of our resources. It is thanks to your support and commitment that we can act independently and intervene wherever the it is necessary, without discrimination.

    Money is an essential resource to continue our missions, both short-term (between 1 and 6 months for emergencies) or long  term (between 2 and 5 years) ones.

    We attach great importance to the origin of our funds.

    There are three main sources of funds

    • Private funds : they come from individuals, businesses, foundations, associations, legacies, merchandising sales and revenue from events.
    • Institutional funds : they come from international organizations and national governments.
    • Reserve: they are formed by the accumulation of annual surpluses. The reserve funds shall consist primarily of cash. They are used to pre-finance emergency actions.

    Expenditure control
    MSF is one of the most important humanitarian organizations and better recognized internationally. For this reason, our financial management is extremely rigorous. Our national accounts and the internationally  consolidated accounts are inspected and certified by auditors. Dozens of other additional validations are also made by our institutional donors (national and international governments).

    The control of financial independence
    MSF wants to preserve its financial and operational independence. MSF controls the balance of its expenditure as a ratio of spending  to social mission (operational expenditure: assignments + support missions, testimony spending: public awareness activities) and non-operating expenses (administration, communication and fundraising). MSF allocates at least 80% of its expenditure to expenditure on social mission and 20% non-operating expenses.

    MSF and you : a relationship based on trust
    The accounts and balance sheets are audited annually by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), approved by the General Assembly of Doctors Without Borders and deposited in the trade and companies register.

    Audited annual accounts 2022

    Your privacy
    No data related to your identity is collected without your explicit consent.
    The collected data is processed in accordance with relevant data protection legislation including the National Commission for Data Protection and the General Data Protection Regulation, which gives you the right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal information about you.

    MSF Luxembourg privacy notice

    100% secure payment
    This website is 100% secure.
    The banking information needed to process your payment is fully secure. They are not stored on our computer systems. Through SSL encryption your bank details, you are assured of the reliability of your Internet transactions. To be sure: the space is secure when the MSF URL begins with https.