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Become a partner

    Are you driven by personal motivations, willing to improve your image? Does your company want to get involved within a transparent and reliable humanitarian partner? Supporting Médecins Sans Frontières is a excellent way to demonstrate your social responsibility awareness and your values.

    How to become a partner?

    Associate your company with a sponsorship campaign in support of our events, conferences and actions, etc. such as Le Défi Solidaire in the ING Night Marathon.

    Just like private donors, your business can get involved and support MSF in the form of a donation to one of our accounts.

    Organize an event or gathering within your your company
    Anything is possible and we are here to help you if required: from a fund raising operation amongst your employees to a lunchtime conference on our action in order to raise awareness, from an MSF-Day for your staff around a common project to a sportive activity or challenge, or a solidarity meal ? We will provide the material (videos, mobile exhibition, posters, brochures, etc.) and even the keynote speakers in order to promote and enhance your initiative. Your company may also launch an internal campaign of "MSF matching gifts".

    Support a specific Médecins Sans Frontières Field project
    Your company could make a donation according to its particular interest in one of the MSF areas of operations (malnutrition, management of HIV / AIDS, or specific emergencies operations, etc.) or to a country-related project, based on the needs on the actual on-going MSF operational needs and on your particular interest. You will be regularly informed on the progress of such supported project. Let’s meet and explore the various options according to actual MSF projects needs. In doing so your company will make a great difference !

    The year-end donation budget
    At end of year, more and more companies decide to make a donation for a charity. You can inform your customers about your decision to convert your end of the year gifts into a general donation to MSF or suggest to purchase the gifts on the platform  “Cadeaux Sans Frontières”.

    Mobilize your network to help us find new donors
    You could be very helpful by sharing our communications to your professional network (customers, vendors, members, etc.), in order to raise awareness about our actions and encourage them to support MSF as well. This will allow us to increase our visibility and our resources.

    Think also about “donations in-kind”
    You may give us preferential rates on products or services that MSF might need for its missions, operations or communication. For instance, free spaces in your publications, on your websites, etc. You give us the right equipment to equip our offices and support our public awareness campaigns or new donor recruitment. We are always open to your suggestions.

    Warning: we do not accept donations of medicines, clothing, toys, food, etc.

    Each partnership is tailored to suit your business, your current affairs and our respective needs and expectations.


    You have specific goals? Let’s meet to discuss how you can contribute to MSF’s actions around the world. All donations to MSF are tax deductible.

    Pascale Soares
    Major Gifts and Partnerships Manager
    Phone: 33 25 15 - 304
    Mobile: 621 553 310
    Email: pascale.soares[at]luxembourg.msf.org