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About us

The MSF Foundation for humanitarian research

The goal of the Foundation is to promote humanitarian action and to support operational research.

The MSF Foundation for Humanitarian Research is a Luxembourg-based affiliate of Médecins Sans Frontières working closely with MSF Luxembourg asbl. Its objectives are: 

  1. To increase training in the field of public health, particularly through operational research (OR) and increase the development of resources in the field of operational research applied to humanitarian action. These efforts may be carried out in conjunction and/or collaboration with universities, research centers or any other institution; 

  2. To award research grants to researchers whose work is closely linked to MSF's Luxembourg-based Operational Research Unit (LuxOR), including the management of their career development, the provision of further training and the reinforcement of PhD-level training opportunities with the foundation's and LuxOR's academic partners;  

  3. To provide a forum for debate on humanitarian issues; and promote the concept of humanitarian action in Luxembourg around the central, but non-limitative objective of increasing the quality of humanitarian actions and encouraging the persistence of the effects 

Luxor Unit

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Operational Research (OR) helps MSF to reflect in depth on its programs and operations, to evaluate what works well in a project and to show what needs to be improved. Based in Luxembourg, Brussels and various MSF regional offices, the LuxOR Operational Research Unit conducts research projects in support of humanitarian and medical action worldwide.

The Luxembourg Operational Research (LuxOR) unit coordinates field research projects and operational research training, and provides support for documentation activities and routine data collection. Its goal is to improve healthcare delivery and policy by dissemination of research results including conference presentations and publications.

The Access Campaign

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The Access Campaign is part of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation.

Our work is rooted in MSF’s medical operations and supports people in our projects and beyond. 

We bring down barriers that keep people from getting the treatment they need to stay alive and healthy. We advocate for effective drugs, tests and vaccines that are:

  • available,
  • affordable,
  • suited to the people we care for, and
  • adapted to the places where they live.

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