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Who we are

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    Our unit

    LuxOR – Luxembourg Operational Research - coordinates field research projects and operational research training, and provides support for documentation activities and routine data collection.

    Its researchers and research fellows are based at headquarters in several countries, including MSF’s missions worldwide.

    Operational research studies

    The team coordinates and conducts research projects in close collaboration with field teams and local and international partners. It also provides support for developing research protocols, data collection and analysis, and publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Its goal is to improve healthcare delivery and policy by dissemination of research results including conference presentations and publications.  

    With MSF providing medical assistance to some of the most vulnerable populations in the world, the added value that operational research can bring in terms of improving the way we deliver patient care is enormous. As part of this team, not only do we drive research implementation, but we also inspire and teach others to do the same within and outside of MSF.
    Katherine Tayler-Smith, Researcher for MSF



    LuxOR and partners jointly organize several Operational Research (OR) training courses annually worldwide. These courses develop the capacity to conduct and publish OR for health professionals from national programs. In 2013, the training became part of SORT IT, a research and training initiative of WHO’s Special Program for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR).


    The team

     LuxOR Coordinator: Walter Kizito

    I am responsible for the strategy and overall direction of OR for the MSF Operational Center in Brussels. This includes the supervision of OR teams, participating in field visits, monitoring of studies, promoting scientific publications and coordinating OR training. I am committed to the development of enhanced medical practice and health policy through OR.

    Program Officer: Veerle Hermans

    My role is to be a link between LuxOR, the operations and medical departments and MSF Luxembourg. I am also involved in OR projects in the field and provide technical support for the epidemiologist pool.

    Practice, Policy & Communication Advisor: Samuel Sieber

    My focus is on moving operational research findings into evidence-informed policy and practice change. I work closely with LuxOR-members, MSF’s Operational Centers and field teams, and reach out to governments and international partners to share key findings and foster their integration at program and policy levels. I also facilitate ready access to MSF’s operational research through tailored public communication and dedicated events.

    Medical Data Editor: Marcel Manzi

    My overall role is to improve the quality of data collection in MSF programs and to develop skills in the analysis of data. To do so, I provide training, and regular supervision for data managers and orientation for new medical employees.  I also ensure that specific databases are available for analysis in order to evaluate MSF programs.

    Medical Editor: Tony Reid

    As an editor, I support field teams and researchers in developing OR protocols and writing up studies for publication in scientific publications. I am also responsible for the MSF website "Field Research" that archives MSF-authored articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Developing OR policies at headquarters is part of my responsibility as well as mentoring training in OR. 

    Qualitative Research Mobile Implementation Officer: Emilie Venables

    I am responsible for qualitative research within LuxOR, and spend most of my time in the field supporting research projects on a wide range of issues. I develop protocols, collect qualitative data, support data analysis and assist with research training. 

    Support and Documentation: Engy Ali, Anita Williams, Julita Gil & Rafael Van den Bergh

    Our goal is to support OR at all levels : from developing research questions and protocols, to data collection, data analysis and scientific writing. All this is done through field visits and ongoing support via long distance. We are responsible for OR training, compiling medical reports and activities involved in OR fundraising.

    OR Fellows

    OR fellows, who are graduates of previous OR courses, support and conduct a number of OR studies per year, facilitate at OR training courses, and stimulate innovation and expansion of OR in the field. From 2011 to 2016, OR fellows have collaborated on 510 research projects, have published 323 peer-reviewed papers, facilitated on 116 OR training modules and made 214 presentations at national and international fora.


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