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Operational research for humanitarian medical assistance

    LuxOR directly supports MSF in providing medical assistance to vulnerable populations in difficult and resource-limited contexts. Covering the wide range of humanitarian medical care, OR studies analyze innovations or identify constraints in operational settings, and build valuable evidence on how to adapt or expand programmes.

    OR Snapshots: A Handful of LuxOR Studies

    Providing Physiotherapy for Trauma Patients in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

    This study looked at the feasibility of using a functional score to measure patients’ independence and mobility in low- and middle-income countries, and documented how patients receiving physiotherapy improved.

    Reducing Delays in Emergency Care in Humanitarian Settings

    This study analyzed factors associated with late arrival at and treatment delays in the emergency departments of hospitals supported by MSF in Afghanistan, Haiti, and Sierra Leone, looking to improve emergency medical systems serving vulnerable populations.

    Improved Care for Migrant Torture Survivors in Italy’s Reception System

    Many refugees and migrants reaching Europe have suffered torture and require specialized care. This study interviewed clinicians, psychologists, and reception staff in Rome’s reception system and investigated how they identify and manage torture survivors.

    All OR Snapshots

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    Snapshot: Strengthening Disease Surveillance in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Snapshot: Reducing the Health Risks of Unregulated Labour-Inducing Medication in Pakistan

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