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LuxOR Research and Projects

July 2017 - Syria - Kurdish province - Aïn Issa displaced camp. A Syrian child from Raqqa at the MSF clinic. © Chris Huby/LE PICTORIUM

    On the Pulse of Humanitarian Medical Assistance

    LuxOR directly supports MSF in providing medical assistance to vulnerable populations in difficult and resource-limited contexts. The operational research projects cover the wide range of humanitarian medical care from maternal and child health, infectious diseases like measles or malaria, mental health, water, sanitation, and hygiene to antimicrobial resistance.   

    OR-studies analyze innovations or identify constraints in operational settings, and build valuable evidence on how to adapt or expand programmes. Once a study is peer-reviewed and published, it helps advocate for policy and practice change translating findings back into action. LuxOR also supports various field-based data collection and analysis activities and runs dedicated OR-trainings.

    OR Snapshot: A Handful of LuxOR Studies

    LuxOR regularly summarizes a current selection of studies in a handy and illustrative postcard format.

    Snapshot: Managing Pregnancy and Childbirth in an Ebola Epidemic

    Snapshot : Diagnosing and Rehabilitating Boreholes in Rural Niger

    Snapshot : Strengthening Disease Surveillance in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Snapshot : Reducing the Health Risks of Unregulated Labour-Inducing Medication in Pakistan

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