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Videos 2018

    SLOT 1

    The Paradox of survival: "I prefer dying fast than dying slowly"; pain, disease and life in limbo 
    Chairs: Aurélie Ponthieu & Umberto Pellecchia

    1 | Pain and musculoskeletal complications post-sexual violence – an added value of physiotherapy in the rehabilitation of victims of sexual violence? - Engy Sawah

    2 | "I prefer dying fast than dying slowly" - How institutional abuse worsens the mental health of stranded Syrian, Afghan and Congolese migrants on Lesbos Island - Christos Eleftherakos

    3 | "I feel like I am less than other people": Self-perceived vulnerabilities of male migrants travelling alone on their journey to Europe - Jovana Arsenijevic

    4 | Life in limbo – holistic provision of mental health and psychosocial support to asylum seekers in destination countries in Europe - Jenny Gustafsson

    SLOT 2

    Sex, Drugs & Prisons; working for the unwanted, the untested, the untreated and the "unsuppressed"
    Chairs: Daniela Belen Garone & Marc Biot

    5 | Improving TB case finding in Malawian prisons: MSF experience 2014-2017 - Reinaldo Ortuno Gutierrez

    6 | Characteristics and outcomes of HIV-infected patients admitted for inpatient care to a rural district hospital in Malawi - Pier Francesco Giorgetti

    7 | Provision of oral Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for female sex workers and men who have sex with men in Beira, Mozambique - José Carlos Beirão

    8 | Improving pediatric TB diagnosis in North Kivu, DR Congo, by targeted Gene Xpert on gastric aspirate - Daan van Brusselen

    SLOT 3

    Viruses, bacteria & parasites; sensitive, resistant and emerging 
    Chairs: Johan van Griensven & Ernestina Repetto

    9 | Malaria in Cambodia (a synthesis of research findings) - Martin De Smet

    10 | Field evaluation of Joachim clinical score and rapid diagnostic test for paediatric bacterial pharyngitis in a refugee camp, Beirut, Lebanon - Chantal Lakis

    11 | Household disinfection kits distribution during the 2014-2015 Ebola epidemic in Monrovia, Liberia: The MSF experience - Peter Maes

    12 | Late breaker: Care for Syrian refugees with Diabetes in a crisis context: The Médecins Sans Frontières experience in the Levant - Krystel Moussally

    SLOT 4

    Panel discussion: Who pays? User fees making a comeback…
    Chair: Wim Van Damme