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Destruction à Gaza lors du conflit israelo-palestinien ©MSF
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Where do my donation go?

Médecins Sans Frontières is audited every year by an independent, authorised body. More than 85% of our money goes straight to the field where the needs are. We are committed to being completely transparent in order to retain the trust you place in us every day. Thanks to your generosity, we can decide independently what action we need to take for the most vulnerable people, and respond efficiently to their needs. For more details, please see our commitments on financial transparency

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By making a donation via Payconiq, your donation will be allocated to all Médecins Sans Frontières projects, where the needs are greatest.

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Why donate to Médecins Sans Frontières?

For over 50 years, Médecins Sans Frontières has been providing medical assistance to people whose lives and health are threatened by armed conflicts, epidemics, pandemics, and natural disasters. Our charity is funded 99% by private donors like you. In order to carry out our work, we take care to ensure we are completely independent of any political, economic, military or religious authorities. So it’s thanks to you that we can exist and assist the most vulnerable people throughout the world.

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Our donor service is available to answer any questions you may have. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on: 33.25.15-311.