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Policy & Practice and Communication Advisor – Operational Research Unit

Full time open term contract – starting in April 2017

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides assistance in more than 70 countries to populations in distress, to victims of natural or manmade disasters and to victims of armed conflicts, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed, or political affiliation.

The Operational research and documentation unit is an integral and overlapping unit of the medical department. There are two relatively autonomous units conducting operational research. The LUXOR unit, which is based in Luxembourg, with core activities including operational research capacity building and a focus on research linked to a non-HIV/TB related agenda. The second unit is the SAMU unit based in South Africa which focuses only on HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. Close collaboration exists also with the AAU (Analysis and Advocacy Unit).


Title: LuxOR Policy & Practice and Communication Advisor
Based: Luxembourg
Duration: Long term contract- Full time position
Reporting to: The LuxOR program officer, and the Head of Communication Department


With the position of the LuxOR Policy & Practice and Communication Advisor we aim to:
A. Achieve evidence-based policy and practice changes within MSF, national governments and other relevant actors, which includes
- Developing and coordinating a LuxOR’s policy advocacy strategy for evidence-based policies, in conjunction with LuxOr members, relevant stakeholders in Operational centers (OCs) and field teams.
- Producing action plans for Policy & Practice Advocacy, coherent with priority dossiers/thematics, and reports on progress/achievements
- Networking alongside members of the field teams to engage with key government representatives, UN agencies, NGOs and/or civil society groups, opinion leaders and experts to promote evidence-based policy & practice change for specific dossiers / thematics
- Link these activities with appropriate communication activities in coordination with the communication units

B. Develop and implement specific strategies for public communication to support advocacy efforts
The Advisor works embedded in the LuxOR unit and reports for the responsibilities “A” to the program officer and for communication related work to the Head of the Communication department.


Develops a vision and actions plan on policy & practice for LuxOR/OCB
- Shows proactivity, innovative spirit and interaction needed to formulate a vision/perspectives of policy and practice in the OCB and eventually in the MSF movement
Sets up and coordinates LuxOR’s policy & practice advocacy based on the evidence generated / or pre-emptively on what is planned to be generated by LuxOR
- Provides an analysis of the changing global and national policy environment of specific dossiers / thematics
- Coordinates development of overall strategic objectives as well as an annual and three year action plan for Policy & Practice Advocacy, in collaboration with operations, medical advisors, AAU and Comms through regular communication with HQ and field (calls, HQ & field visits etc.)
- Identifies research gaps from the policy maker’s perspective. These gaps may eventually be addressed by the LuxOR unit, after validation by relevant stakeholders.

Action plans for Policy & Practice Advocacy
- Identifies specific OR dossiers/thematics that merit to be prioritized for policy & practice advocacy
- Develops quarterly action plans for each specific dossiers/thematics
- Submits progress reports quarterly and annual budget proposals.

Networking and dissemination
- Participates in meetings (including high-level platforms and conferences) and promotes a conducive environment for evidence-based policy & practice change
- Organizes regular dissemination forums (working groups, roundtables and other) with relevant stakeholders to advocate for evidence-based policies
- Creates and manages partnerships with advocacy officers, researchers, and health providers to promote operational research and evidence-based policies
- Provides support to operational mission staff and researchers to achieve policy & practice change
- Links up with operational, analysis and advocacy units in the OCB as appropriate

- Contributes to the choice of communication priorities in agreement with the LuxOR team and the Head of Communication department
- Writes policy briefs and communication messages for a non-scientific audience.
- Use existing and new tools to inform the general public and specific target groups of LuxOR’s work (press releases, articles, web update, LuxOR Activity Report, OR Day Booklet, and other communications materials …)
- Being the spokesperson for MSF with media, external actors and public events and writing of policy papers, policy briefs, pamphlets, reports and other publications.
- Organizes the annual OR Day in collaboration with the association of the OCB, the annual Medical Conference in Luxembourg and other relevant events directly linked with operational research. If an additional resources is contracted to prepare the OR day, this person will report to the P&P advisor.


- Excellent English written and verbal communications skills – experience in editing for non-scientific audience
- At least 5 years of experience in (preferably both) program implementation and/or policy & practice advocacy
- Working level (orally and writing) in French
- Experience in productions of communications tools (written and multimedia)
- Well-developed analytical skills including the ability to assess the relevance of research regarding the development and implementation of evidence-based policies that raise the standard of care
- Ability to conduct high level internal coordination (e.g. with MSF General Directors, Operational Directors, Medical Directors) and external representation (e.g. Ministries of Health, WHO, other NGOs, civil society/activist groups)
- Sufficient medical, technical and operational understanding to inter-relate with medical, scientific and operational experts
- Education: Master's degree (M. A.) or equivalent


- Strong team player, with the ability to work highly independent, and interpersonal skills to succeed in a geographically dispersed team and interact at all levels within MSF
- Ability to adapt to changing circumstances, contexts, tasks, responsibilities and people.
- Ability to handle large volumes of work under pressure, tracking multiple projects or activities, and to deliver quality outputs within deadlines
- Capacity to take initiatives and seize opportunities, proactivity


- Long term contract
- Full time position (40h/sem)
- Luxembourg Contrat
- Gross basic monthly salary: 4.099€ ( additional pay based on experience)
- Ticket restaurants (2/3 of the value covered by MSF)
- Medical cover (including hospitalisation)
- Frequent travel required (to Brussels and to the field)
- Contract start date: April 17th, 2017 ideally

Application deadline: March 6th, 2017
Candidate application must include a CV and a cover letter
Please apply through e-mail at the following address: Juliette.stenuit@luxembourg.msf.org

and precise the position reference when applying: PPCA/LUX