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OR Day

    6ème Journée de Recherche opérationnelle

    Présentations, débats et streaming en live sont au programme de cette 6ème édition de la Journée de la Recherche Opérationnelle alliant recherche scientifique et problématiques de terrain.

    Vendredi 2 juin 2017
    De 9h00 à 17h30
    À Bruxelles et en live streaming


    Master of Ceremonies – Armand Sprecher


    Bertrand Draguez

    09h15    SLOT 1

    HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis: Emerging opportunities and new challenges! 
    Chairs: Nathan Ford and Marc Biot

    • Gaps in the cascade of care in two high HIV prevalence settings in Zimbabwe and Malawi 
      Nolwenn Conan
    • “Throwing all we have”; combination of new drugs for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis patients in Armenia, India and South Africa 
      Chinmay Laxmeshwar
    • “Even if she’s sick at home, she will pretend that everything is fine”; Reasons patients delay seeking treatment for HIV in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
      Emilie Venables 
    • “Point-of-care tests can save lives”; screening patients with advanced HIV-disease in Conakry, Guinea
      Ismael Adjaho

    11h00    COFFEE BREAK

    11h30    SLOT 2

    A paradigm of today? Consequences of violence and trauma in humanitarian settings
    Chairs: Amine Dahmane and Stefano Argenziano

    • A crisis of protection and humane treatment: violence, physical trauma and deaths among migrants/refugees travelling along the Western Balkan corridor to Northern Europe
      Jovana Arsenijević
    • Medical care, in Athens Greece, for migrants and refugees, who have suffered torture and other forms of ill-treatment
      Manoli Kokkiniotis 
    • Emergency department care for trauma patients in settings of active conflict versus urban violence: all of the same calibre?
      Sophia Chérestal 
    • Saving life and limb: limb salvage using external fixation, a multi-centre review of orthopaedic surgical activities in Médecins Sans Frontières
      Marie-Jeanne Bertol

    13h00     LUNCH

    14h00    SLOT 3

    Influencing health care down-stream – how to steer change?
    Chairs: Johan von Schreeb and Catherine Van Overloop

    •  Efficacy and effectiveness of an rVSV-vectored vaccine in preventing Ebola virus disease: final results from the Guinea ring vaccination, open-label, cluster-randomised trial (Ebola Ça Suffit!)
    • Unregulated usage of labour-inducing medication in a region of Pakistan with poor drug regulatory control: characteristics and risk patterns
      Séverine Caluwaerts
    • Borehole diagnosis and rehabilitation as alternative to new borehole drilling – the Médecins Sans Frontières approach in rural Niger
    • Late breaker: Klebsiella outbreak in an MSF unit in Central Africa Republic: the underlying problems and what needs to be done?
      Julita Gil

    15h30    TEA/COFFEE

    15h50    SLOT 4

    Panel discussion:  Qualitative research and the Community: what role in MSF Operations?
    Chairs: Leen Verhenne and Tom Ellman

    • “Tell it to my mother-in-law” women‘s sexual and reproductive health, their perception of and access to maternal health care services in Khost province, Afghanistan
      Doris Burtscher
    • “Sex as usual”: linking anthropology with operations, Rustemberg, South Africa
      Jean-François Véran

    Panel: Bart Janssens, Tom Ellman, Leen Verhenne, Doris Burtscher, Jean-François Véran, Emilie Venables

    17h20    CLOSING REMARKS

    Sebastian Spencer

    Adresse :
    46, rue de l'Arbre Bénit, 1050 Bruxelles