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Gifts in memory

    During the painful loss of a loved one, it is possible for family members, friends or colleagues, to honor his memory by making a donation to Doctors Without Borders. Through this action, you allow our doctors to save lives elsewhere and act for populations in need.

    How to proceed?

    1. In the mortuary  announcement published, specify Doctors Without Borders as the chosen NGO as well as our bank account number: LU751111 0000 4848 0000
    2. If you can, inform us of the death of your loved one (or call Danièle Bach at 33 25 15-311).
    3. Each week until the last donation, we will send you by mail or e-mail the list of those who honored the memory of your loved one. You will receive a thank you letter from us.
    4. Thanks to the information contained in the list (name + first name, full address, donation amount), you can personally thank those who honored the memory of the deceased.

    Contact us

    Donor service

    Photo de Daniele Bach service donateurs et legs MSF Luxembourg
    Danièle Bach
    Tél.: 33 25 15 - 311
    Email : don[at]msf.lu