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General Criteria

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    Embracing the values of the MSF Charter

    MSF bases its humanitarian actions on the principles and values included in its Charter. These values and ideals – neutrality, impartiality, non-discrimination, personal commitment, medical ethics and respect for human dignity – are lived and practiced daily, through decisions made by the organisation as a whole and by each of its members individually.

    Commitment for two years

    We are looking for people that want to commit to multiple missions. Hiring and training an employee is a major investment for MSF and we want to hire expats who want to grow within the organisation.

    With at least two years of professional experience

    Previous experience helps to ensure that skills are of a sufficient level and ensure credibility with local contacts. Internships are not recognised as professional experience.

    Being willing to work in unstable political contexts and conflict areas

    During conflicts and other violent situations, MSF teams offer healthcare services to the entire population, provide care to refugees and people who have become displaced within their own country.

    Being willing to leave without your family

    Given the nature of our mission and the contexts we operate in, we ask that our staff leave for missions without their family.

    Having good English and French language skills

    Applicants recruited by the Brussels headquarters must have good French and English language skills. These two languages are the most used on missions. Knowledge of Arabic (as well as Spanish or Portuguese) would be a major asset.

    Being in good health

    In order to leave with MSF, you must be in good health and have received the standard vaccinations (as a minimum: measles, yellow fever, DTP and polio). Depending on which country you are sent to, you may also need to receive additional vaccinations and take preventive measures to avoid certain diseases.

    Behaving responsibly

    Going on a mission for Médecins Sans Frontières requires preparation and thought. In addition to offering your professional skills, you must show dedication to populations under threat, respect the values and principles outlined in the MSF Charter, and behave responsibly.

    These values and principles are put into practice every day, through decisions made by the organisation as a whole and by each individual member. We expect MSF staff to understand our values and embody them.