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Conditions and professionnal evolution

© Paolo Marchetti

    MSF is an association consisting of ‘volunteers’. Volunteering is an individual commitment and personal responsibility. It implies the idea of activism in humanitarian actions, rather than the idea of ‘unpaid work’. This is a fundamental principle of the association.

    A volunteer is someone who is morally committed to humanitarian action, who accepts the risks of the mission they take part in and accepts that there is a certain degree of professional insecurity. A volunteer demonstrates flexibility in their work. However, they are not working on an unpaid basis: they receive ‘reasonable’ pay. Finally, volunteers must respect the MSF Charter and behave responsibly during their missions.
    The management of MSF’s human resources is based on the concepts of volunteering, equity, transparency and recognition of the value of each individual.

    MSF offers the opportunity to attend classes and training courses, organised internally or externally, relating to specific career development or individual growth. As an employer, MSF puts emphasis on the development possibilities within the organisation and the mobility between the headquarters and field projects.

    MSF has procedures in place to fight abuse, exploitation and harassment in the work environment.

    What we offer

       - A fixed-term contract
       - Monthly pay
       - Medical coverage
       - Payment of all mission-related expenses (transport, accommodation)
       - A daily allowance (per diem) during the mission
       - The opportunity to work and quickly take on responsibilities in humanitarian situations and varied medical programmes
       - Personalised career development, with access to different levels of training, in order to grow within the organisation