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MSF is an international association in which its members join forces to support populations in danger. To remain true to its social mission, the movement draws on a constant influx of new members, motivated and willing to contribute their energy and fresh ideas.

Associative members applications - GA 2024 

Non-medical, MSF experience: 2 years 4 months

I am currently coordinator of the MSF Foundation for Humanitarian Research. I have carried out two field missions for MSF and I am very attached to this organisation for both personal and professional reasons.
I would like to become a member of MSF Luxembourg to continue to follow and support MSF's activities in the country where I live.

Medical, MSF experience: 25 years

I carried out my first mission with MSF Luxembourg in 1994, which was followed by numerous field missions between 1995 and 2020. I participated in MSF Luxembourg's actions as an elected member of MSF's International Board of Directors and held various positions at HQ: Operations Coordinator between 2008 and 2016, Deputy HR Director in 2019. I also did assessments and coaching for HoM and MedCo for over 4 years.

Fabienne FAUST
Non-medical, MSF experience: 5 years

I'm a teacher who has been volunteering with the association for 5 years. I've taken part in many events and stands over the years (marathon, mapathons, etc.).

Non-medical, MSF experience: 19 months

I've been Managing Director of our Luxembourg section for 19 months. During this time, I've been able to appreciate the richness and importance of associations for the Movement, and I'd now like to become even more involved.

Audrey PERL
Non-medical, MSF experience: 1.5 years

MSF international staff under OCB but I have my contracts under the Luxemburgish section. I am a bit active in the section as I am participating to the job days of MSF Luxembourg. I am also a Luxemburgish citizen when I come back from my missions. I have a financial and law background (Master in Finance and in human rights) and I have been working as Finance Manager but also social worker for the Red Cross of Belgium

Non-medical, MSF experience : /

I am a statistical methodologist with a global vision of clinical data management processes and biostatistics applied to clinical, epidemiological and translational research. I started my career at the Centre International de Recherche Médicale in Franceville, Gabon, in 1995, where I spent 2 years working mainly on malaria as part of a pre-vaccine study, but also on HIV and different immunological aspects. Since June 2003, I have been working at the Luxembourg Institute of Health, where I am in charge of a methodology and statistics unit. My thesis work in Senegal in 2007-2010 on the roll-out of ASAQ based on the test and treat strategy enabled me to return to Africa. Several projects on other neglected tropical diseases then took me to India and Africa. During these activities, I worked with MSF and organisations such as Epicentre and DNDi.


Avez-vous un profil médical ? | Do you have a medical profession ?

l’expression Profession médicale désigne toutes les professions qui présentent, durant la formation initiale et la pratique ultérieure, une relation praticien-patient | the term "medical profession" refers to all professions which, during initial training and subsequent practice, involve a practitioner-patient relationship

Avez-vous une expérience terrain à l'international ? | Do you have an international experience on the field ?
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