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Capacity Building for Operational Research

    Investing into research capacities around the globe

    Partnering with the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) MSF is since 2009 organizing dedicated training sessions designed to improve health professionals’ skills in conducting and publishing operational research in in low- and middle-income countries.

    Today, this training is part of the SORT IT (Structured Operational Research Training Initiative) program, led by TDR - the Special Pro-gramme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases - of the World Health Organization.

    Each course includes three modules on drafting a research protocol, data collection and analysis, and writing for peer-reviewed journals.

    Worldwide research success stories

    SORT-IT training sessions are held every year in Europe, Africa, Central America and Asia, and a number of thematically specialized or local trainings are additionally taking place all around the world. 
    Analyses of completed courses show over 80% of course participants get their papers published on time, and up 74% of studies published through the training have a tangible impact on health policy and practice.

    To learn about upcoming courses and application deadlines, register for the LuxOR newsletter or contact Marie-Nathalie Houba at marie.houba@luxembourg.msf.org.